22 Best Workout Channels on Youtube

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels for workouts, fitness and health? Whether you are a beginner looking for home workouts or a gym enthusiast looking for HIIT and abs exercises, look no further. In this article, you will find the best YouTube channels that cover all areas of fitness and workouts. Read on to discover the best fitness instructors, videos and channels for getting in shape and staying healthy.


Channel Views: ~450.9m Channel Subscribers: ~5.6m Channel Videos: ~886

WORKOUT Youtube Channel

WORKOUT is a YouTube channel that allows users to upload and share videos of their workouts for free using their camera or video phone. The channel enables users to stay motivated and continue training from the comfort of their home.

Roberta's Gym

Channel Views: ~779.8m Channel Subscribers: ~4.8m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Roberta's Gym Youtube Channel

Roberta's Gym YouTube channel is perfect for anyone looking to incorporate a daily exercise routine into their life. The channel offers a variety of workout videos that focus on burning fat and calories while building muscle, as well as easy abs workout videos to help you burn fat and lose weight from the comfort of your own home. Tune in daily for new workout and weight loss routines that will keep you motivated.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Channel Views: ~357.9m Channel Subscribers: ~2.2m Channel Videos: ~1k

Lucy Wyndham-Read Youtube Channel

Lucy Wyndham-Read's YouTube channel offers at-home workouts designed to help you keep or get fit during quarantine. Through her workout videos, she provides a full-body home fitness regime, making it easier for people to get fit from the comfort and safety of home. From strength to HIIT and cardio to stretches, Lucy Wyndham-Read's channel has a wide variety of exercises that provide the perfect workout whether you're looking to get fit, lose weight or just get active. Subscribe and get fit at home with Lucy Wyndham-Read!

Sydney Cummings Houdyshell

Channel Views: ~216m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Sydney Cummings Houdyshell Youtube Channel

Sydney Cummings Houdyshell's YouTube channel offers full-length workout videos, with a focus on HIIT Cardio, Tabata, Bootcamp, and Pilates workouts. Follow Sydney Cummings and work out at home with her engaging and effective HIIT workouts. Get into shape with Sydney's at home workout videos!


Channel Views: ~921.7m Channel Subscribers: ~5.9m Channel Videos: ~1.4k

POPSUGAR Fitness Youtube Channel

POPSUGAR Fitness is an incredibly popular YouTube channel that provides free online workouts and classes, designed to help viewers achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. Their workout videos range from easy and beginner exercises to more intense and sexy moves. Whether you're looking to gain strength, improve your health, or just get in shape, POPSUGAR Fitness has something for you.

Men's Health

Channel Views: ~292.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Men's Health Youtube Channel

Men's Health YouTube channel provides valuable and informative content about fitness and dietary advice to help men with their health journey. They offer workout videos and tips, celebrity workouts and diets, as well as their popular series Train Like and Eat Like to prepare men for conquering their goals. Additionally, they cover topics such as gym and fridge meals, as well as conduct cheeky debates against the internet. Follow Men's Health to stay on top of your health goals.


Channel Views: ~115.8m Channel Subscribers: ~847k Channel Videos: ~1k

MUSCLE EMOTION Youtube Channel

MUSCLE EMOTION is a YouTube channel offering a variety of workout videos to help you get fit. From upper chest workouts, to triceps and bicep workouts, programmations de musculation, and exercises abs for women, this channel has something for everyone. It also offers chest workouts, shoulder workouts and rear delt exercises to help target specific muscles. Their tutorials are easy to follow and will help you get in shape in no time.


Channel Views: ~751.5m Channel Subscribers: ~7.1m Channel Videos: ~553

MadFit Youtube Channel

MadFit is a popular YouTube channel that provides viewers with detailed workout and physical fitness routines to help them stay healthy and active. It offers a variety of exercises and routines suitable for different ages and levels of fitness, as well as lifestyle tips to help viewers reach their goals. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your fitness to the next level, MadFit has you covered.

Chloe Ting

Channel Views: ~2.6b Channel Subscribers: ~23.9m Channel Videos: ~362

Chloe Ting Youtube Channel

Chloe Ting's YouTube channel is a great source of information on fitness and health related topics. Her content includes exercises, workouts, and healthy dieting tips specifically tailored for women. She offers programs aimed at helping women get a flat tummy and get fit, as well as focusing on abs workout, free workout programs and general health and fitness. Her channel is the perfect resource for any woman looking to get fit and healthy.


Channel Views: ~214.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~747

SELF Youtube Channel

SELF is a YouTube channel that specializes in high-intensity workouts for women's health, ranging from 20-minute sessions to basic skills challenges. Featuring a fusion of fitness, workouts, dance, and viral videos, SELF encourages viewers to try and keep up with their workouts and challenge themselves.


Channel Views: ~1.3b Channel Subscribers: ~2.7m Channel Videos: ~313

BullyJuice Youtube Channel

BullyJuice is a YouTube channel full of workout motivation and fitness tutorials for viewers. You can find top 10 listicles and 10 minute home workout routines for a full body workout, as well as 6pack and abs exercises. The channel also features vlogs that show how BullyJuice puts their workout routines into practice.

Fraser Wilson

Channel Views: ~375.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~373

Fraser Wilson Youtube Channel

Fraser Wilson's YouTube channel offers a wide range of workout and bodybuilding content, focusing on physical fitness and health in an encouraging and positive manner. He also offers viewers advice on how to get a 6 pack and shred body fat. His content is tailored specifically to teens and young adults, and his upbeat energy is infectious.

emi wong

Channel Views: ~698.7m Channel Subscribers: ~5.4m Channel Videos: ~418

emi wong Youtube Channel

Emi Wong?s YouTube channel offers a variety of exercise, health, weight loss and fitness advice tailored to individuals based in Hong Kong. Her workout videos feature topics such as CrossFit, abs workouts, gym workouts and trendy dieting. With her free knowledge, viewers can learn to get the most out of their fitness routine and stay on top of their health goals.

Little Sports

Channel Views: ~130.3m Channel Subscribers: ~808k Channel Videos: ~589

Little Sports Youtube Channel

Little Sports is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing kids and families with fun and engaging workouts and exercises. With a wide range of activities for all ages and levels, Little Sports is the perfect platform for kids to get fit and stay healthy. With instructional videos and tutorials on everything from weight loss for kids to kid-friendly fitness routines, Little Sports is a great resource for parents and kids to stay active and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Lilly Sabri

Channel Views: ~583.9m Channel Subscribers: ~4m Channel Videos: ~942

Lilly Sabri Youtube Channel

Lilly Sabri's YouTube channel focuses on helping women reach their fitness goals. The channel offers home workouts, free workout programs, and fitness challenges to help women tone their abs, achieve a flat tummy, and work on overall exercise and workout for women. Users can use her videos as a guide to create their own customized exercise plan. The channel also hosts weekly challenges to help users stay motivated and reach their goals.


Channel Views: ~487.5m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~465

growingannanas Youtube Channel

Growingannanas YouTube channel is the ideal destination for anyone looking for intense HIIT work outs. With home workout options, challenging no equipment workouts, and a new year challenge designed to help achieve weight loss goals, viewers can expect an engaging and no repeat workout every day. Take the plunge and begin your fitness journey with Growingannanas today.

Caroline Girvan

Channel Views: ~364.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.2m Channel Videos: ~638

Caroline Girvan Youtube Channel

Caroline Girvan's YouTube channel offers a wide range of workout routines and exercises, including abs workout, ab workout, HIIT workout, full body workout, home workout, and dumbbell workout. All of her workouts are designed to build strength and stamina, promote core stability, and provide an effective full body workout. She also provides detailed demonstrations and instructions for each exercise, ensuring that her viewers get the most out of their HIIT workouts. So if you are looking for a comprehensive workout program, Caroline Girvan's YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out.

Petra Genco

Channel Views: ~633k Channel Subscribers: ~25.8k Channel Videos: ~314

Petra Genco Youtube Channel

Petra Genco's YouTube channel is designed to help women over 40 and over 50 get in shape and lose weight. Through her fitness videos, she shares workout routines and tips for healthy lifestyle choices that help her viewers burn fat and develop an active lifestyle. Her videos offer an accessible and effective way to improve overall fitness and well-being.

Brett Maverick

Channel Views: ~158.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~446

Brett Maverick Youtube Channel

Brett Maverick's YouTube channel offers viewers a unique combination of fitness and bodybuilding insight, fashion and lifestyle tips, entertaining and informative vlogs, motivation and inspiration, and even some funny workout and butt-focused content. It's the go-to channel for all your infotainment needs!

Boho Beautiful Yoga

Channel Views: ~355.2m Channel Subscribers: ~2.4m Channel Videos: ~462

Boho Beautiful Yoga Youtube Channel

Boho Beautiful Yoga is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing a wide range of workout classes and videos for all levels. These include yoga and pilates classes, guided meditations, and yoga-inspired fitness routines. The channel also offers plenty of inspiration in the form of videos and interviews with health and wellness experts. Create your own personal yoga practice with Boho Beautiful Yoga!

Holly Dolke

Channel Views: ~202.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~572

Holly Dolke Youtube Channel

Holly Dolke's YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to get in shape and stay fit. She offers workouts and fat burning exercises to help tone and strengthen the body, as well as providing helpful tips and advice on healthy diets and exercise for women. She also offers ab workouts and home workouts specifically aimed at helping women get a flat stomach and six-pack abs. Her channel is a great resource for those looking to sculpt their body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Fitness Marshall

Channel Views: ~855.8m Channel Subscribers: ~4.2m Channel Videos: ~445

The Fitness Marshall Youtube Channel

The Fitness Marshall YouTube channel is a resource for group exercise classes that involve a mix of hip hop and cardio to help with fat burn and weight loss. With easy to follow tutorials, you'll learn how to get the most out of your physical fitness journey. Join The Fitness Marshall and his team of passionate instructors and make every work-out an experience of fun and energy!

Crafting an Effective Workout Plan

Creating an effective workout plan can be daunting. With endless information available on training splits and exercises, it can be difficult to create a plan suited to your individual needs and goals. However, constructing a plan designed specifically for you and your fitness journey doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • To start, it’s important to be honest with yourself when creating a workout plan. Know what you are capable of and your physical limitations. Ask yourself what your end goal is, i.e. Increased strength, better aerobic endurance, weight loss? To further refine your plan, consider writing out your goal and the steps needed to reach it. Additionally, it’s important to assess how often you are available to train, both based on time and energy. Knowing these points, you can begin to create a realistic plan that you are able to achieve.
  • Lastly, keep in mind when creating your plan that consistent and progressive overloading are key for continuing to see results. If all you do is the same workout over and over, eventually your gains will stagnate. Challenge yourself to add or remove variations of sets, reps, or exercises as your goals change. Make sure that you also incorporate recovery, rest and yoga days into your schedule. As long as you stay consistent, with correct form, you can rest assured that you are achieving your goals in the most efficient way.

3 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Work Out Everyday

Working out everyday can be a difficult task to stay committed to, and it can be hard to stay motivated. Here are 3 great ways to stay motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals.

  1. First, set both short and long-term fitness goals. Having something specific in mind will give you a reason to continue on your fitness journey. Make sure that these goals are realistic, achievable and measurable so that you can easily track your progress as you move along.
  2. Second, create a checklist and reward system for yourself. Having a checklist can help you stay more organized and give you a sense of accomplishment when you check off each item. Rewards can be small things like your favorite snack or a treat if you hit a goal.
  3. Third, get an accountability buddy or trainer to help guide and push you to achieve your goals. There will be days that you won’t feel like working out, but having someone there to support and motivate you will make it easier to stay on track. Having someone there to keep you accountable will be a great help in reaching your fitness goals.

Following these tips will help you stay motivated and committed to working out everyday. When you don’t feel like pushing yourself, remember all of the health benefits working out can bring. Working out is not just about looking good, but it’s also about feeling good and taking care of your body. Making consistent progress with your fitness goals is a great way to stay motivated and on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Necessary Equipment for an Enjoyable Workout

It’s essential to have the right equipment to help you get the most out of your workouts. The right clothes and accessories help you look and feel your best while exercising, and having the correct shoes, strength training equipment, and gym accessories can make a big difference in making your workout enjoyable. Here are some of the necessary equipment for an enjoyable workout.

  • The first must-have for a successful workout is comfortable and supportive shoes. Make sure to invest in a pair of shoes specifically for exercise that’ll protect your feet and help absorb the shock of your workout. 
  • Strength training equipment like dumbbells and barbells allow for resistance training to help you achieve your goals and build muscle. 
  • Gym accessories like exercise mats can provide cushion and support for the movements and yoga poses you do during your workout. 
  • Make sure to wear comfortable and breathable clothes that won’t restrict your motion and will allow for proper moisture management.

These pieces of equipment and accessories can help make your workout more enjoyable and will protect and support you throughout your workout. Whether you’re just starting a workout routine or looking to increase or change your current program, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Take the time to make sure you have the best supplies so that you can commit to an enjoyable and successful workout.

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