8 Best Tap Dance Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best tap dance YouTube channels to satisfy your creative cravings? Whether you're looking to learn more about tap dance techniques, music, Broadway shows, fitness, or tutorials, it can be difficult to find the right YouTube channels to follow. Fortunately, we have done the hard work and rounded up the best tap dance YouTube channels available. Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels that will help you master your tap dancing skills.

Rodney Howell

Channel Views: ~4.7m Channel Subscribers: ~26.2k Channel Videos: ~993

Rodney Howell Youtube Channel

Rodney Howell's YouTube channel is the perfect place to learn how to do tap dance! With a variety of different videos such as United Taps, Rodney Howell, Rod Howell and Tap Dance For Beginners, novice and experienced dancers can easily understand the basics of tap dancing and learn how to tap dance. He has easy to follow tap dance lesson videos that are perfect for both adults and children. If you're looking to learn how to tap dance, Rodney Howell's YouTube channel is the perfect place to start!

Jenne Vermes

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~8.3k Channel Videos: ~674

Jenne Vermes Youtube Channel

Jenne Vermes' YouTube channel is a renowned resource for top-notch tap dance tutorials. Those looking to learn or refine their tap dance technique will find her videos invaluable, featuring detailed breakdowns and verbose instruction on tap dance basics, style, and step combinations. As a professional tap dancer and international instructor, Jenne has an unfathomable wealth of tap knowledge to share.

Bill Green

Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~4.5k Channel Videos: ~415

Bill Green Youtube Channel

Bill Green's YouTube channel provides an entertaining look into the performing arts, with a focus on tap dance, film, music and lifestyle. He regularly uploads videos from his tap dance shows as well as behind-the-scenes video clips from his productions. He also produces exclusive music and films for his channel, offering viewers an all-encompassing experience into the performing arts.

Shelby Kaufman

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~11.5k Channel Videos: ~323

Shelby Kaufman Youtube Channel

Shelby Kaufman's YouTube channel is an entertaining mix of hobbies, lifestyle, and performing arts videos dedicated to the art of tap dancing. From basics to complicated choreography, her channel provides an opportunity to learn and perfect the skill while having fun.


Channel Views: ~382.8k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~66

Hillary-Marie Youtube Channel

Hillary-Marie is a YouTube channel hosted by Hillary-Marie Michael, a prolific tap dancer from New Jersey. She has become popular for her series of instructional tap dance videos, as well as her performances at the Jersey Tap Fest and other tap dance events. Followers of her channel can learn fun routines, explore the joys of tap dancing, and keep up with the latest news in the tap dancing community. Hillary-Marie is an inspiring tap dancer for all levels, from beginner to advanced, who loves to share her passion for tap with her audience.

Still Kicking with Karie-Lee

Channel Views: ~87.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~57

Still Kicking with Karie-Lee Youtube Channel

Still Kicking with Karie-Lee is a YouTube channel devoted to tap dancing and dance fitness for people over fifty. It provides how-to tap dance tutorials and fitness programs designed for seniors to help them stay active and healthy. There are also instructional videos for beginners to get started on their tap dance journey. Tune in to learn tap steps, gain confidence and try out some exciting routines.


Channel Views: ~53.4k Channel Subscribers: ~318 Channel Videos: ~65

niasilao Youtube Channel

The Niasilao YouTube channel is an excellent resource for learning tap dance! They offer dance classes, tutorials, and fitness programs, all translated by a professional dancer with years of experience. Also, they have countless videos featuring different styles of tap dance and routines that can help beginners and advanced dancers alike.


Channel Views: ~16.4m Channel Subscribers: ~21.2k Channel Videos: ~46

docludi2 Youtube Channel

Docludi2's YouTube channel celebrates the world of tap dancing with vintage film and live performances from some of the all-time greatest tap dancing troupes, like the Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, the Nicholas Brothers, the Berry Brothers, and Gene Kelly, with musical selections ranging from the blues of Stormy Weather to swing classics like Satin Doll. An impressive showcase of skill, finesse, and rhythm!

Tap Dance Styles and Techniques

Tap dancing is an art form that fuses many elements of movement, including rhythm, improvisation and technique. As with all forms of dance, there are a variety of different tap styles and techniques which vary between distinct schools and teachers.

  • Broadly speaking, there are two main types of tap dance: rhythmic and percussive. Within those two styles, there are the most commonly practiced techniques, such as Flatfooting, which is the basic style of stepping and stomping to keep a rhythm, and the Flashier variations such as Buck Dancing and the more sophisticated Hoofing style. In addition to dancing street steps, tapping is also an integral part of many Broadway productions and ballets, often including advanced rotation of feet and choreographed patterns.
  • No matter what kind of tap dance you choose to pursue, it's important to become familiar with the various steps and techniques, practice them regularly and put them into practice during performances. To get started, take classes from a reputable tap dance instructor, watch instructional videos online and through proficiency improve your overall performance. Through your dedication to learning the intricate steps and techniques of tap dancing, you can master this beautiful history-filled art form.

Exploring Different Genres of Tap Dance

Tap dancing has become increasingly popular in the 21st century. This style of dance is diverse and can entertain audiences of all ages. One of the best parts about tap dancing is that it can be adapted to many different genres and styles. 

  1. The first genre we will explore is traditional jazz. This style originated in the early 20th century and combines fast-paced, energetic steps with improvisation. Traditional jazz tap is often seen in musical theater productions and with famous troupes like the Radio City Rockettes. It emphasizes quick, precise footwork blended with isolations and upper-body moves.
  2. The second type of tap dancing is contemporary. This genre often combines traditional and modern elements to create something new and creative. Contemporary tap often borrows from other dance styles and even sports, like skateboarding and breakdancing. This style encourages dancers to be articulate and inventive. It’s usually performed to music such as rap, R&B, or EDM and can appear in all kinds of forms, from solos to group pieces.
  3. Finally, rhythm tap is one of the oldest forms of tap dancing. This type of tap is often improvisational and is based on the idea of creating music with your feet. It focuses on the basics of tap, like shuffles and grinds, while also adding extra layers of creativity. Rhythm tap also draws influence from cultures around the world, like Latin and African. It’s often considered an art form and is a favorite among tap aficionados.

Tap dancing has a wide range of styles and genres. From traditional jazz to contemporary and rhythm tap, all of these styles are fun and entertaining. While each genre is unique, they all have a similar still-heart at their core: creativity and rhythm.

Health and Safety Do's and Don'ts for Tap Dancers

Tap dancing is a style of rhythmic movements where the sound of metal plates being hit by the dancer's shoe aids with forming a rhythmic rhythm. Tap dancers must be very mindful of their space and environment as they perform in order to reduce the risks of injury before, during and after the dance. Here are some surrounding Health & Safety do's and don'ts for tap dancers to follow.

  • First and foremost, tap dancers should take the time to warm up and stretch before each dance. This helps to reduce the risk of pulled muscles and ankle sprains. Additionally, tap dancers must keep the floor clean and free from any objects that may cause them to slip or trip. They should also not wear shoes with slippery soles which can increase the chances of falls during the dance.
  • Finally, it is vital for tap dancers to learn and know their choreography before they attempt any complex moves. Knowing the steps and movements beforehand can ensure that they stay strong, stable and avoid any injuries to their feet, calves, and legs. Tap dancers should also stay hydrated to avoid heat-related issues, take breaks as needed, and listen to their bodies. For any additional health & safety tips, tap dancers can consult a professional dancing instructor. By following these tips, tap dancing can be made a safe and enjoyable activity.

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