23 Best Snowmobile Youtube Channels

Are you a thrill-seeking winter sports enthusiast looking for the best YouTube channels to watch nail-biting snowmobile rides? Look no further! In this article, we will be discussing the best YouTube channels to watch snowmobiles, Polaris models, Yamaha models, Skidoo, and more. Plus, we'll mention how you can find the best channels to watch motorcycle and motocross riding and thrilling skiing and snow sports adventures! Keep reading to learn more!

SnowTrax TV

Channel Views: ~37.8m Channel Subscribers: ~98.3k Channel Videos: ~778

SnowTrax TV Youtube Channel

SnowTrax TV is a popular YouTube channel focused on snowmobiling. It features videos on topics such as how to snowmobile, snowmobile fails, Polaris snowmobile, snowmobile racing, Yamaha snowmobile, snowmobile on water, snowmobile riding, snowmobile videos, and snowmobile hill climb, giving viewers access to all of the latest in snowmobile information. It also covers some of the world's biggest snowmobile races and events. Whether you are an experienced snowmobiler or just getting started, SnowTrax TV has something for everyone.

Snowmobiler Television

Channel Views: ~6.6m Channel Subscribers: ~17.7k Channel Videos: ~778

Snowmobiler Television Youtube Channel

Snowmobiler Television is a YouTube channel dedicated to the popular hobby of snowmobiling. It covers topics like snowmobile track preparation, technical reviews of the latest snowmobiles from brands like Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat, winter race events, and tips for having a great day out on the snow!

Lynx Snowmobiles

Channel Views: ~7.1m Channel Subscribers: ~10.1k Channel Videos: ~270

Lynx Snowmobiles Youtube Channel

The Lynx Snowmobiles YouTube channel provides informative videos about the BRP Lynx snowmobiles. They cover topics such as the Lynx Moottorikelkka, Rotax E-TEC engine, snöskoter, Radien boondocking, and more. Viewers can find out the latest details about the snowmobiles and get expert tips on how to get the most out of their riding experience with the Lynx Rave.


Channel Views: ~3.9m Channel Subscribers: ~6.3k Channel Videos: ~490


MUDBRATS // SNOWBRATS is a YouTube channel focused on snowmobile and dirt biking. It features videos highlighting the performance of Can-Am, Ski-Doo, Yamaha and DT200R snowmobiles, creating a sense of community among snowmobile and dirt biking enthusiasts.

Alpina Snowmobiles

Channel Views: ~296.4k Channel Subscribers: ~266 Channel Videos: ~22

Alpina Snowmobiles Youtube Channel

Alpina Snowmobiles is a YouTube channel that focuses on utility and work motorsports, such as snowmobiles, motoslitte, motoneiges, sherpa and dual-track vehicles. They provide information and tips on how to make the most of your snowmobile and explore the world of outdoor winter sports. Tune in to learn more about the best snowmobiles and get advice on how to make the most of your utility motorsport experience.

X Games

Channel Views: ~445.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~3.9k

X Games Youtube Channel

The X Games YouTube channel is a great source of action sports entertainment, featuring extreme sports from around the world such as snowmobile, snow bike cross, and X Games Aspen, X Games Austin, and X Games Minneapolis. You'll find the latest updates on athletes and events from World of X Games and World of X Games.


Channel Views: ~34.1m Channel Subscribers: ~49.3k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Ski-Doo Youtube Channel

The Ski-Doo YouTube channel showcases all the amazing features of the iconic snowmobile brand. From powerful Grand Touring models to versatile Skidoo sleds, you can explore a wide range of offerings and get tips on maintenance, performance, and style. Watch and enjoy the snowmobiles in action and get inspired to go on your own winter adventures. BRP makes Ski-Doo a great choice when you hit the snowy trails.

Truck House Life

Channel Views: ~16m Channel Subscribers: ~117k Channel Videos: ~464

Truck House Life Youtube Channel

Truck House Life is a YouTube channel dedicated to off-road exploration, tiny homes on wheels and digital nomad living. Host Billy B, an Alaskan full-time snowmobile racer, creates content to document his idiosyncratic conversion of a truck camper into a tiny home on wheels, his experiences as a digital nomad, and his efforts in utilizing his homemade camper to explore the wilderness of Alaska. Follow Billy B?s adventures as he shares his stories of truck house life.

Sled Nation USA

Channel Views: ~14.4m Channel Subscribers: ~15.4k Channel Videos: ~244

Sled Nation USA Youtube Channel

Sled Nation USA is a YouTube channel devoted to snowmobile enthusiasts. Featuring videos of products from Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Polaris, as well as snowmobile fails and wins, it has something for every type of sledder. With fun and exciting videos, Sled Nation USA is the perfect channel for snowmobilers.

Muskoka Freerider

Channel Views: ~22.8m Channel Subscribers: ~90.8k Channel Videos: ~349

Muskoka Freerider Youtube Channel

The Muskoka Freerider YouTube channel features content related to snowmobiling and mountain sledding. It showcases backcountry riding and sled vlogs with Ski-Doo and Skidoo from a unique perspective. Following its journey, viewers can explore mountain riding and sledding from the comfort of their home. It's a great one stop shop for all your sledding and snowmobiling videos.

Proven Progression

Channel Views: ~4.3m Channel Subscribers: ~25.7k Channel Videos: ~128

Proven Progression Youtube Channel

Proven Progression YouTube channel is an engaging source of information and entertainment for snowmobile and other vehicle enthusiasts. It features a variety of videos, ranging from product reviews to off-road adventures, providing viewers with a unique insight into the lifestyle associated with extreme sports.

Sawing with Sandy

Channel Views: ~11.6m Channel Subscribers: ~55.5k Channel Videos: ~596

Sawing with Sandy Youtube Channel

Sawing with Sandy is a popular YouTube channel with viewers interested in self reliance. On it, Sandy shares her experiences working with snowmobiles, portable sawmills, and other heavy equipment from Woodland Mills. She talks about how to build with wood, how to use and repair equipment, and how to get into the woodland. Sawing with Sandy is a great source of knowledge for those looking to learn more about the outdoors.

A+ Power Sports

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~143

A+ Power Sports Youtube Channel

A+ Power Sports is an informative YouTube channel focused on Polaris and Mahindra products, such as snowmobiles, ATVs, and tractors. They are a certified Polaris dealership and provide helpful videos on product reviews, tips and tricks, and even maintenance instructions for their all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and tractors. If you're interested in buying a Polaris vehicle or looking for information on ATV and snow mobile maintenance and customizing, this is an ideal channel for you.

Pascal Robert - Rc Creations

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~13.5k Channel Videos: ~118

Pascal Robert - Rc Creations Youtube Channel

Pascal Robert's RC Creations YouTube channel is dedicated to providing enthusiasts with amazing videos and tutorials on building and operating snowmobile RC creations. Whether it's building an RC snowmobile from scratch or modifying existing vehicles, Pascal covers all the details of the process in a comprehensive and entertaining manner.


Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~6.4k Channel Videos: ~204

Jodylovemaker Youtube Channel

Jodylovemaker's YouTube channel is a great watch for anyone who loves snowmobiling. It features awesome snowmobiling adventures and fun-filled ditch-banging challenges, all from the perspective of a vlogger as he takes on his Skidoo. He takes viewers on incredible sledding trips and gives detailed reviews about different kinds of snowmobiles. It's the perfect channel for anyone interested in snowmobiling and sledding.

Syxxes Backcountry

Channel Views: ~14.4m Channel Subscribers: ~38k Channel Videos: ~632

Syxxes Backcountry Youtube Channel

Syxxes Backcountry is a YouTube channel dedicated to snowmobiling, specifically featuring Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Through tutorials, how-to videos, and reviews, the channel showcases its expertise on a variety of Arctic Cat models, such as Pro RMK, Assault, M8000, Alpha One, and the latest Gen 4 series. Plus, its featuring of deep snow riding adds to the excitement of snowmobiling!

Next Level Riding Clinics

Channel Views: ~6.5m Channel Subscribers: ~55.1k Channel Videos: ~122

Next Level Riding Clinics Youtube Channel

Next Level Riding Clinics' YouTube channel, presented by Dan Adams, provides instructional videos on snowmobiling, from the comfort of your home. Learn how to take your skills to the next level with mountain riding tips from Dan Adams in each one of these clinics. Get ready to take your snowmobiling abilities to the mountains with the help of Next Level Riding Clinics.

Lifted Lariat

Channel Views: ~200.8k Channel Subscribers: ~640 Channel Videos: ~103

Lifted Lariat Youtube Channel

Lifted Lariat is a YouTube channel dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling. From reviews on the latest and greatest vehicles, to lifestyle tips and tricks, the channel has something for everyone looking to get into the world of snowmobiling and beyond.

Bailey Addis

Channel Views: ~110.7k Channel Subscribers: ~533 Channel Videos: ~123

Bailey Addis Youtube Channel

Bailey Addis's YouTube channel is devoted to vehicle, snowmobile and lifestyle enthusiasts. His videos focus on action-adventure and role-playing video games, as well as provides an in-depth look at video game culture. With his engaging commentary and informative videos, Bailey Addis's YouTube channel is a must-watch for anyone with an affinity for action games.

NB Sledders

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~4.2k Channel Videos: ~87

NB Sledders Youtube Channel

NB Sledders is a YouTube channel that provides exclusive content related to snowmobiling. Focusing on models from brands like Arctic Cat, Skidoo, Yamaha, and Polaris, videos provide product reviews and tutorials on how to maintain and get the most out of brands from the biggest names in the snowmobile industry.

Widespread Sleds

Channel Views: ~4.9m Channel Subscribers: ~6.8k Channel Videos: ~60

Widespread Sleds Youtube Channel

Widespread Sleds is a YouTube channel devoted to showing off amazing snowmobile talents, fails, and wins. You can find exciting snowmobile drag racing, hill climb, and trail riding content, as well as helpful reviews of popular ski doo models such as the 850 and Summit. Plus, be sure to check out their selection of humorous and educational snowmobile fails. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure with Widespread Sleds!

My Old Sled

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~15k Channel Videos: ~98

My Old Sled Youtube Channel

My Old Sled is a YouTube channel that focuses on classic sleds like Skidoo, BRP, Yamaha, Articat, Polaris, and Elan. Topics covered include buying and restoring snowmobiles, DIY projects, and more. It's a great resource for all vintage snowmobile enthusiasts.

Wolfpack Adventures

Channel Views: ~78.6k Channel Subscribers: ~632 Channel Videos: ~60

Wolfpack Adventures Youtube Channel

Wolfpack Adventures is a YouTube channel based in Bend, Oregon, specializing in snowmobile rides and other outdoor activities. From thrilling rides on Mount Bachelor to easy-going family tours, this channel has something for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, Wolfpack Adventures has an adventure just for you!

Essential Safety Tips for Snowmobilers

Snowmobiling is a great way to explore the outdoors and enjoy various types of terrain. However, it is important to follow the best practices and safety guidelines while out on a snowmobile to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential safety tips for snowmobilers that should always be adhered to:

  • The first and most fundamental safety measure for snowmobile riders is to always wear protective gear. This includes a helmet, goggles, and other weather-appropriate gear. Wearing visibility apparel is also important, as brightly colored clothing will make it easier for others to spot you on the trails. Additionally, carrying a first-aid kit and a communication device is paramount, as they will be essential in the event of an emergency.
  • It is always best to check the weather conditions before heading out and plan accordingly, as being unprepared for inclement weather can quickly turn a day on a snowmobile into a dangerous experience. In addition, snowmobilers should always be familiar with the area they intend to ride in and the local trail regulations and policies. Lastly, refrain from riding alone and let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. This will potentially save lives in a dangerous situation.

Snowmobiling can be an incredibly enjoyable activity, but it is also important to practice proper safety and caution at all times. By following these essential safety tips and staying aware of your surroundings, snowmobilers will have more enjoyable and safer experiences out on the trails.

Choosing the Right Snowmobile for Your Needs

Snowmobiling is a popular winter pastime, with many people flocking to the trails each season. If you are interested in in taking part in this winter activity, there are a few things to consider when selecting the right snowmobile for your needs.

  • The first factor to consider is the terrain you will mostly be riding. If you will mostly be riding on flat terrain, a two-stroke engine with a short track is preferable. For trail riding, a four-stroke engine is better suited. If your terrain includes a lot of steep hills and rugged terrain, a four stroke engine with a long track is necessary.
  • Another factor to consider is the type of rider you will be. If you plan to ride primarily solo, an all terrain vehicle is ideal. If however, you plan to take more people with you on your rides, you may wish to opt for a touring model that is equipped with better seating capacity and cargo space. If you plan to do a little of both, consider a middle ground between the two options which would offer you the best of both worlds.

These are just a few things to consider when selecting the right snowmobile for your needs. It is important to do your research and ensure that the machine you choose is the best fit for the terrain and type of riding you will be doing. With the right choice, you will be enjoying your snowmobiling adventures for years to come.

Tricks Tips for Riding a Snowmobile

For those looking to experience the thrill and adventure of snowmobiling, proper technique is essential. Knowing the right tricks and tips for riding is the best way to get the most out of the activity.

  • A key point to keep in mind is that snowmobiles have considerable power and can move at a high speed. Always wear the proper clothing and protective gear when operating a snowmobile. In addition, inspect your snowmobile before your ride and make sure all operating systems are in good condition.
  • When riding the trails, be sure to stay on the marked paths and trail maps. Be aware of the weather and snow conditions, and stay away from avalanche danger zones. Make sure to take break throughout your ride and use common sense. Depending on the area, be aware of the restrictions on amounts of loudness and possible speed limit required.

By following these simple tricks and tips, your snowmobiling experience can be safe and thrilling. Taking the time to understand the rules and gear will get you on the path to an incredible ride!

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