3 Best Martial Industrial Music Youtube Channels

If you enjoy dark and heavy music with a touch of industrial, then you'll love martial industrial. This genre has its roots in industrial and metal music, but also incorporates elements of EBM, darkwave, and synth wave. Martial industrial is perfect for fans of dark ambient and volloff music. There are many great YouTube channels that feature this type of music, so be sure to check them out. You won't be disappointed.


Channel Views: ~273.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~262

KOLASEON Youtube Channel

Kolaseon is a YouTube channel that specializes in martial industrial music, post-black metal, and dark folk. They often upload full albums, as well as black metal, doom metal, dark ambient, and ritual ambient tracks. Their atmosphere is dark and ethereal, making them perfect for fans of atmospheric black metal.

Damien Eden

Channel Views: ~3m Channel Subscribers: ~24.2k Channel Videos: ~128

Damien Eden Youtube Channel

Damien Eden's YouTube channel focuses on a mix of martial industrial music, new wave, and gothic rock that incorporates aspects of Gary Numan, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Joy Division, John Maus, Drab Majesty, and Dark Wave. The channel features music videos and live performances, making it an ideal destination for fans of these musical styles.
Damien Eden's YouTube channel is more than just a great destination for fans of the musical styles he champions. He has an eye for uncovering the hidden gems of these musical styles and introducing them to a wider audience. His extensive knowledge of these styles and their associated artists is evident in each video, and his passion for the music shines through in every performance. With his music videos, Damien has brought together fans from all over the globe for a shared appreciation of these artists and their music. He has created a space for fans of martial industrial, new wave, and gothic rock to come

Lion Heart

Channel Views: ~503.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~26

Lion Heart Youtube Channel

Lion Heart is a YouTube channel dedicated to the European-inspired martial industrial music genre. Featuring artists like HECQ and Lion Heart, the channel offers a powerful and evocative musical experience with songs like Hymn of the Cherubim and Heck - Night Falls. Through their words and music, Lion Heart aims to convey a sense of Order, Truth, and Honor in a chaotic world.

The Benefits of Listening to Martial Industrial Music

Martial industrial music is a genre of music categorised by its combination of industrial, classical, and martial elements, such as orchestral or field-drum samples and dark atmospheres. This type of noise-oriented music can be a powerful source of self-reflection and is thought to have a great many psychological benefits.

  • Listening to martial industrial music can be a great way to help people escape their hectic day-to-day lives. This genre of music is known to reduce stress and create a sense of inner peace. Martial industrial music helps people to focus on the present moment and to appreciate life itself instead of thinking of the past or future. It encourages those who need it to think without pressure and enhances their sense of concentration.
  • The dark atmospheres heard in martial industrial music promote a sense of introspection. This can help people to gain more insight about themselves and reflect on their thoughts, emotions and reactions. Listening to this kind of music can also promote self-awareness and helps identify those stuck emotions that can hinder the overall ability to be in control of our lives. Martial industrial music can also help people to connect their own feelings with the feelings of a greater community, further diminishing feelings of isolation that many people experience.

In conclusion, martial industrial music can be a great source of self-reflection. It helps with stress reduction and encourages thinking without pressure. It also facilitates self-awareness, enhances the capability of going inward, and reduces feelings of isolation. Everyone can benefit from some time spent listening to martial industrial music. Try it out and take a step into the dark world of self-exploration.

Main Types of Martial Industrial Artists

The martial industrial music has been around since the late 1980s and early 1990s, and has since seen a surge in popularity due to its unique approach to music. There are many different types of martial industrial artists, creating a diverse and unique sound in the genre.

  • One of the most popular types of martial industrial artists is those who focus on ambient and neoclassical music. These artists focus on creating a sort of soundtrack for either an apocalyptic or fantasy-style environment. These musicians work hard to create soundscapes that are ambient and relaxing, evoking a sense of mystery and adventure. These songs often involve the use of synthesisers, layered sound-effects, and angelic choirs.
  • Lastly, there are those types of martial industrial artists who focus more on an aggressive and edgy sound. These artists usually blend elements of industrial and metal music, creating an energy-filled and powerful sound. These artists often add aggressive vocals and distorted electronic noises to their songs to create a chaotic and unsettling atmosphere. This style of music often features heavy use of distorted guitars and pounding drums to create a soundscape that is perfect for fighting or a chaotic world.

No matter which type of martial industrial artist you choose, you are sure to be captivated by their unique sounds. Whether you prefer a softer, ambient sound or an aggressive and edgy sound, martial industrial offers something for everyone. Each artist’s sound is unique and will take you on a serene yet thrilling journey into their musical world.

Popular Bands in Martial Industrial Music

The burgeoning genre of martial industrial music continues to capture the hearts and ears of metal fans everywhere. This music fuses elements of martial music, industrial metal, and ambient soundscapes, creating a unique and powerful aural experience. Martial industrial is an experimental yet deeply engaging style, pairing a militaristic aesthetic with driving beats and brooding atmosphere. Popular bands in the genre include Der Blutharsch, Death in June, and Sol Invictus.

  1. Der Blutharsch is the studio project of Albin Julius. From its inception in 1997, the band has developed a dedicated fan base across the world, performing live at events like the WGT and supporting bands like Ataraxia and dark wave acts Spiritual Front. Their sound combines heavy guitars and drums with orchestral and marching instrumentation, making for a thrilling and immersive listening experience.
  2. Death in June is a veteran of the industrial music scene. Since 1981, they have been pioneering the genre with a dramatic fusion of neofolk, psychedelia, and post-punk. This collective has inspired generations of fans and artists, backed by a loyal fan base that swears by their iconic, deeply atmospheric sound. They have recorded a string of acclaimed albums, culminating in 2017’s Peaceful Snow. Equally vivid in the studio and on the live stage, Death in June is an essential part of any martial industrial playlist.
  3. Sol Invictus completes our list of popular bands in martial industrial music. Fronted by Tony Wakeford, this post-punk and neo-folk act has been at the forefront of the genre since the late 1980s. Their music combines a militaristic aesthetic with a thoughtful, emotive approach to songwriting. Merging traditional instrumentation, darkwave synths, and orchestral flourishes, their sound has held up over the years. Sol Invictus is playing select dates throughout 2019, making this a great time to catch them if you’re a fan of martial industrial music.

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