14 Best Exercise Youtube Channels

Are you looking to become healthier and stronger? Has life circumstances limited the time available to attend a gym or fitness class? If so, the best YouTube channels to help you with exercise, fitness, health, workout, weight loss, home workout, yoga, nutrition, and meditation are available right at your fingertips. Read on to find out which channels will help you reach your goals.

Bob & Brad

Channel Views: ~501.3m Channel Subscribers: ~4.4m Channel Videos: ~3.7k

Bob & Brad Youtube Channel

Bob & Brad is a famous YouTube channel featuring physical therapy content. Bob and Brad, both physical therapists, provide exercise and physical therapy videos to help with physical recovery and improving physical health. They have become well-known for providing reliable, beneficial, and entertaining content for physical therapists and those who need physical therapy.

Dr. Janine Bowring, ND

Channel Views: ~20.4m Channel Subscribers: ~179k Channel Videos: ~2.3k

Dr. Janine Bowring, ND Youtube Channel

Dr. Janine Bowring's YouTube channel offers a range of videos focusing on exercise, health tips, weight loss, health supplement advice, low carb diet options, yoga facial exercises, healthy recipes, and tips on how to improve leaky gut health. The channel also features the Dr Janine show which provides viewers healthy living advice for the whole family.

Mark Bell - Super Training Gym

Channel Views: ~188.2m Channel Subscribers: ~602k Channel Videos: ~2.8k

Mark Bell - Super Training Gym Youtube Channel

Mark Bell - Super Training Gym is a YouTube channel that focuses on fitness and strength training. Mark Bell, founder of the Super Training Gym and inventor of the Sling Shot, provides comprehensive video tutorials on exercise, how to build muscle, bench press and squat workouts, chest workouts, and how to gain muscle using his ATG split squat technique. Followers of the channel can get expert advice from Mark Bell to help them reach their fitness goals.


Channel Views: ~275m Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

HASfit Youtube Channel

HASfit is a popular YouTube channel providing full body workouts and strength training routines that can be done at home without any equipment. Their routines range from beginner level low impact exercises, all the way up to advanced strength and weight training workouts. They also offer routines specifically designed for seniors. So no matter your age or fitness level, HASfit is sure to have something for everyone!

Roberta's Gym

Channel Views: ~779.8m Channel Subscribers: ~4.8m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Roberta's Gym Youtube Channel

Roberta's Gym YouTube channel provides viewers with daily exercise and workout routines to help burn fat and calories at home. They specialize in full body workouts and easy abs workouts to help people reach their goals of weight loss. Tune in for daily exercise tips and routines to keep your body fit and burn fat!

Stay Fit With Abhilasha

Channel Views: ~11.6m Channel Subscribers: ~61.2k Channel Videos: ~766

Stay Fit With Abhilasha Youtube Channel

Stay Fit With Abhilasha is a YouTube channel that covers an array of helpful fitness videos. Whether you're looking to learn how to lose weight, get fit with female fitness tips and tricks, find out diet and fitness plans, or get health tips for kids, they have something for everyone. Plus, they provide creative ideas on how to make your own homemade dumbbells. Tune in to Stay Fit With Abhilasha and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Caroline Jordan

Channel Views: ~40.9m Channel Subscribers: ~420k Channel Videos: ~731

Caroline Jordan Youtube Channel

Caroline Jordan is a world-renowned personal trainer and fitness coach. Her YouTube channel, Caroline Jordan Fitness, offers viewers a wealth of free exercise advice and instruction from the experienced fitness expert. Whether you are looking to simple tips or an intense workout, Caroline Jordan will help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Little Sports

Channel Views: ~130.3m Channel Subscribers: ~808k Channel Videos: ~589

Little Sports Youtube Channel

Little Sports is a YouTube channel specifically dedicated to promoting exercise among kids. They offer workouts, fitness tips, and weight loss strategies specifically tailored to kids and adolescents. Their exercises are designed to both challenge and encourage kids, making exercise more enjoyable. Little Sports encourages kids to stay active and healthy through exercise, creating a fun and safe environment for learning about physical fitness.

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

Channel Views: ~42.9m Channel Subscribers: ~469k Channel Videos: ~432

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV Youtube Channel

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV is a YouTube channel offering exercise, prenatal yoga, and pregnancy exercises for expectant and new moms. It covers topics such as diastasis recti and weight loss during and after pregnancy, providing valuable guidance on how to lose weight after pregnancy, what to eat for weight loss, and more. Pregnancy yoga and pregnancy home workouts are also featured on the channel.

SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center

Channel Views: ~189.4m Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~563

SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center Youtube Channel

SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center is a YouTube channel that offers exercises, advice from experienced and knowledgeable St Joseph, MI chiropractors and chiropractic treatments, to help those dealing with low back and neck pain, sciatica issues, and more. It is the best choice for those looking for chiropractors in the 49085 area and beyond.

Joanna Soh Official

Channel Views: ~260.2m Channel Subscribers: ~2.8m Channel Videos: ~401

Joanna Soh Official Youtube Channel

Joanna Soh Official is a YouTube channel featuring fitness and health tips. She focuses on helping viewers burn fat, stay fit and healthy, achieve a balanced lifestyle and eat the right food. She also shares her beliefs and values on faith, love, and living a purposeful life.

Strength Side

Channel Views: ~92.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~572

Strength Side Youtube Channel

Strength Side YouTube channel shares personal training and follow-along workout routines focused on building strength, powerlifting and bodybuilding, as well as enhancing mobility, flexibility and general fitness. Their videos are designed to help viewers reach their goals with information about varied exercises, nutrition and recovery.

Home Fitness Challenge

Channel Views: ~239.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~450

Home Fitness Challenge Youtube Channel

The Home Fitness Challenge YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking for at-home exercises. It offers creative, easy-to-follow routines for a range of fitness levels, from simple exercises for fingers to full body workouts. You can find top exercises for girls and guys, as well as how-to programs for home fitness challenges. Be sure to check out this channel for maximum results with minimal effort!


Channel Views: ~163m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~510

GunjanShouts Youtube Channel

GunjanShouts is a YouTube channel devoted to health and fitness. It provides videos focusing on exercise and workout routines, weight loss tips and strategies, and motivating messages to help viewers become fit and healthy. With exercises for all fitness levels and weight loss articles for body fat management, GunjanShouts is a great resource for anyone looking to lead a healthier life.

Safe Exercise Tips for Beginners

Exercising is a great way to increase your overall physical and mental health, but it can be intimidating to those who are just starting out. As a beginner, it is important to not overwork yourself and to stay ahead of any potential injuries in order to reap the health benefits of working out. Here are some important safe exercise tips to help beginner athletes stay healthy and motivated.

  1. Start small and work your way up. If you are a beginner, ease into exercising by starting with light cardio and stretching. Slowly increase your intensity and variety of exercises as your body adjusts to the new activity and strengthens. Progressing too fast can increase chances of developing overuse injuries, so moderating progression is crucial.
  2. Stay hydrated and rest. Hydration helps keep the body balanced and recovering efficiently. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after each workout. Additionally, allow your body time to recover between workouts. While it's important to stay active, adequate rest is just as important. Too much exercise can lead to a decrease in performance and even physical exhaustion, so give yourself time to rest and your body time to heal.
  3. Listen to your body. Being aware of any potential pain or discomfort during exercise will help you minimize potential injuries and stay motivated. If an exercise is too difficult for your body, don’t be afraid to take a break or reduce the level of intensity, there’s no pressure to overwork yourself. Additionally, if you are experiencing pain during or after your workout, don’t be afraid to rest, check with a doctor, and make it a priority to understand the source of the pain. Following these safe exercise tips will help you build a strong foundation for your fitness journey.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself, listen to your body, set achievable goals and don’t be afraid to ask for help from professionals or experienced athletes. With the right approach, exercising can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Essential Tips for Making Exercise a Part of Your Routine

Making exercise a regular part of your life can be difficult to establish, but it doesn't need to be. Though it takes a bit of effort to make it a seamless part of your daily life, the health benefits make it well worth the effort. Here are some essential tips for making exercise a part of your routine:

  1. Start small. Don’t try to jump into crazy workouts if you are just starting out. Begin with something comfortable and reasonable. Take a walk for 15 minutes, do some light stretching, or do some basic bodyweight exercises at home. Small goals can help you build up your stamina and eventually switch to more intense workouts.
  2. Schedule it. Link exercise to some other daily activities or plan out a specific time for it in your schedule. For example, if you work from home, you can do a quick workout before you start work in the morning. Or, if you’re a night-time person, plan to exercise right after dinner. Having a visual schedule of when your workout sessions should occur can be a great motivator.
  3. Go with a friend. Having a friend or a family member join you in your exercise routine can make it more fun and enjoyable. Paired-up with someone you trust and feel comfortable with can make exercising seem like more of a reward than a chore. Having an exercise partner also allows each of you to keep each other in check and stay more consistent.

Overall, creating a solid exercise routine takes some effort, but with these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a fitness junkie in no time. Don’t let yourself get discouraged and remember to take it one day at a time. Soon enough, you’ll reap the rewards of a healthier and happier you.

Choosing the Right Exercise Plan for Your Needs

Exercising regularly is important for our overall health and well-being. However, it can be difficult to decide on the best exercise plan for your needs. Different types of exercise offer different benefits and choosing the wrong one can lead to frustration and wasted time. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts, it’s important to assess your goals and pick an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and capabilities.

  • First, consider what your fitness goals are and decide which activities will help you achieve these goals. If you want to improve your overall strength, aerobic and resistance exercise are both beneficial. If you want to improve your cardiovascular health, running, cycling and swimming are all ideal activities. Once you know what types of activities you want to do, you can start looking at specific exercise plans to follow.
  • Lastly, make sure the exercise plan you choose is achievable. Choose one that fits with your schedule and lifestyle. If you're short on time, HIIT and other forms of interval training may be the best choice. On the other hand, if you have more free time, longer workouts can give you more time for strength training and other more intense activities. Ultimately, the best exercise plan for you is the one that you’ll stick to in the long run. By choosing the right exercise plan from the start, you can set yourself up for success and reach your fitness goals.

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