15 Best DJ Channels on Youtube

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels for DJ, remix, EDM, music, dance, dj remix, dj viral tiktok, and dj tiktok music? Then look no further! In this article we have compiled the top YouTube channels to help you find the perfect DJ tunes to get you in the mood to party. So keep reading to discover the best DJ music available on YouTube. With the right channel to follow, you?re sure to find the perfect beats to start your next party!


Channel Views: ~31.5m Channel Subscribers: ~113k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

DJ GIO GUARDIAN Youtube Channel

DJ GIO GUARDIAN is a YouTube channel dedicated to the sounds of DJ GIO. His channel features a variety of old-school throw back styles including dancehall, reggae, and more. Tune in to experience some classic, nostalgic beats brought to life again by the ultimate guardian of sound.

Dj Dark

Channel Views: ~227.2m Channel Subscribers: ~468k Channel Videos: ~574

Dj Dark Youtube Channel

Dj Dark is an official YouTube channel that showcases some of the best deep house remixes. Crafted by DJ Dark himself, this channel also features hits from popular pop artists as well as nu disco and classic pop songs reworked into fresh new tunes. With unique remixes and high production quality, DJ Dark's channel is a jam-packed source of deep house music and entertainment.

Djay Ghost

Channel Views: ~154.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~344

Djay Ghost Youtube Channel

Djay Ghost is a YouTube channel showcasing the talents of DJ Ghost, a passionate DJ and music producer. In his videos, Ghost creates unique blends of hip hop, rap, rock, and more, making for an electrifying listening experience. Whether he's rocking a turntable or laying down beats in the studio, DJ Ghost brings originality and energy to each performance. It's a channel that fans won't want to miss.


Channel Views: ~232.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~215

DJ NYK Youtube Channel

DJ NYK is a popular YouTube channel devoted to all things music and DJ related. His channel includes remixes of Bollywood and EDM songs, as well as Progressive, DesiElectro, and NYK Remixes. Along with DJ NYK's own music, the channel also hosts NYKTVPromo videos and updates about upcoming events.

Dj Ronzkie Remix

Channel Views: ~23.6m Channel Subscribers: ~128k Channel Videos: ~268

Dj Ronzkie Remix Youtube Channel

Dj Ronzkie Remix is a popular YouTube Channel known for its bass and tropical house remixes. It also offers the latest Tiktok remixes and includes an exclusive DJ Ronzkie 2023 set and the popular Dj Ronzkietiktok remix. The channel is constantly streaming brand new content for viewers and music aficionados alike. DJ Ronzkie is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a full selection of remixes and upbeat beats.


Channel Views: ~77m Channel Subscribers: ~279k Channel Videos: ~203

DJ BOSS Youtube Channel

DJ BOSS is a YouTube channel featuring hours of high-energy mixes from the multi-talented DJ, their infamous Dj Truck, and small DJs from all over the world. On this channel, you can find all sorts of exciting tracks from house bangers to breakbeat and more, giving you the ultimate musical experience whether you're looking for the perfect club sound or just something to set the mood. Plus, take part in unique collaborations and interviews with some of the most talented artists in the scene. Get ready to turn up the levels and join DJ BOSS!

International Dj Collection

Channel Views: ~53.4m Channel Subscribers: ~459k Channel Videos: ~206

International Dj Collection Youtube Channel

The International Dj Collection YouTube channel specializes in providing mixes of music with a focus on video game culture and role-playing video game soundtracks. Their expert DJs have created unique, genre-blurring blends that have fascinated fans of video game culture across the world. Their selection of quality mixes is truly unique, making them a go-to destination for all things related to theDJ lifestyle.


Channel Views: ~6.3b Channel Subscribers: ~6m Channel Videos: ~2.3k

Kontor.TV Youtube Channel

Kontor.TV is an official YouTube channel offering a wide range of electronic dance music (EDM) videos, most of which are created by the Kontor Records label. DJs and producers have plenty of content to enjoy on the Kontor.TV kanal, featuring exclusive content, releases, and official Kontor Records music videos. Kontor.TV is the ultimate destination for fans of Kontor Records, and fans of EDM in general!

Radio Intense

Channel Views: ~110.9m Channel Subscribers: ~473k Channel Videos: ~2k

Radio Intense Youtube Channel

Radio Intense is an established YouTube channel that features a wide variety of DJ mixes of genres such as progressive house, melodic techno, melodic house, and deep house. Each week, the channel's resident DJ Miss Monique takes listeners on a journey through her DJ sets and mixes. With up-to-date mixes that feature new and exciting music, Radio Intense is sure to give you an experience like no other. Be sure to check out the recent DJ mix 2022 for a dose of the latest in melodic house and progressive tech!


Channel Views: ~188.4m Channel Subscribers: ~856k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

RICHY HANIEL Youtube Channel

RICHY HANIEL's YouTube channel features music from a variety of genres, including hip hop, pop, reggae and electronic. He is an established DJ, playing a mix of popular and underground music from all over the world. With millions of views and subscribers, RICHY HANIEL's channel is the place to go for the latest and greatest in popular music.

Ferhat Kantik

Channel Views: ~629.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~507

Ferhat Kantik Youtube Channel

Ferhat Kantik's YouTube channel is a one-stop destination for all your favorite dance and deep house music. He's been spinning popular club music and remixing top songs from artists like Justin Bieber and Tik Tok for years. If you're looking for a top DJ to handle your party, look no further than DJ Kantik. He'll keep the dance floor buzzing with a mix of the best dance music around mixed with his own tracks!

King Akademiks

Channel Views: ~166.5m Channel Subscribers: ~492k Channel Videos: ~1.9k

King Akademiks Youtube Channel

King Akademiks is a YouTube channel operated by DJ Akademiks. Here, fans can find video content related to hip-hop music and culture as well as merch from DJ Akademiks and his many collaborators. There is also a collection of interviews with some of the biggest names in rap and DJ Akademiks' creative input on topics like fashion and lifestyle. The channel looks to provide the latest and greatest content related to the culture and the world of hip-hop music.

Technical Indian with fun

Channel Views: ~795.8m Channel Subscribers: ~2.2m Channel Videos: ~500

Technical Indian with fun Youtube Channel

Technical Indian with Fun is a YouTube channel created by DJ Kuldeep Makhupura, providing an assortment of high-energy DJ music remixes, Haryanvi songs, Rajasthani DJ sound, DJ stunts, and Hindi Ganes. It is a great platform to find the the latest and greatest in music from India.

Valentino Sirolli

Channel Views: ~99.8m Channel Subscribers: ~308k Channel Videos: ~474

Valentino Sirolli Youtube Channel

Valentino Sirolli's YouTube channel is a one-stop destination for all your EDM needs. You can expect to find high-quality remix bootlegs, radio mixes and mashups of some of the best club music by Valentino Sirolli himself. Be sure to check it out if you're looking for a great DJ experience.

mbon mbon remix

Channel Views: ~229.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~249

mbon mbon remix Youtube Channel

Mbon Mbon Remix is a popular YouTube channel, run by a DJ, that curates a unique blend of Pop, Electronic and Asian music. They offer an entertaining and diverse music library for music lovers to explore.

Exploring the Different Genres of DJ Music

DJ music is a broad term which encompasses many genres and styles which can be enjoyed. Ranging from a variety of different decades, each genre offers something unique and entertaining for audience members, ranging from bumping bass lines to intricate melodies.

  • House music is perhaps the most popular genre of DJ music. It has evolved over the years from a mix of jazz, Latin music, synthpop, and dub, among others. House music typically has a four-on-the-floor beat and is propelled by a prominent bass line and robust percussion. Beginning in Chicago in the late 1970s, the genre has spread across the world and continues to remain popular among club and dance floor DJs.
  • Another popular genre of DJ music is drum and bass which originated in the mid-1990s in the UK. Drum and bass has strong influences from reggae and dub and features complex breakbeats, deep bass lines and often contains elements of music from different decades. DJs have created incredible remixes that have crossed over with different genres, resulting in some unexpected and truly unique creations. The genre has become immensely popular and continues to be embraced by fans of music all over the world.

No matter the genre, DJ music is guaranteed to always have your feet tapping and keep everyone on the dance floor. Each genre has its own unique sound that can either be mellow or upbeat and can easily captivate an audience. Exploring these different kinds of genres can offer great insight into the wide spectrum of DJ music and can be an entertaining way to spend an evening. If you are ever looking for something new to listen to or a great way to pump up a crowd, DJ music is definitely worth a try!

Essential DJ Equipment for the Professional DJ

When it comes to DJing, having the right equipment setup is a major contributing factor to the success of any professional DJ. From turntables to audio mixers and speakers, having all the right elements is essential for being able to perform to the best of your abilities. Let’s look at some of the essential DJ equipment that every professional should have to be the ultimate DJ.

  • One of the key pieces of equipment any professional DJ needs are turntables. Turntables are used to play vinyl records, sampled audio, and other sound sources. These allow you to control the tempo and pitch of the track so you can create a unique sound. Many professionals choose to use multiple turntables to have more control while they mix.
  • The second key piece of equipment any professional DJ needs is a mixer. Mixers allow you to blend together multiple tracks and create a mix that is unique to you. They usually have different features such as crossfaders, EQs, and other audio effects. Investing in an audio mixer will help you create and master professional-sounding mixes. A good pair of speakers or headphones can also help you monitor your mixes and ensure they sound their best.

Having the right equipment is essential for any professional DJ. With the right turntables, mixer, and speakers, you can create unique, professional-sounding mixes that will get your fans dancing. So invest in the right DJ equipment and your career can only go from strength to strength.

Best Practices for Scratching in DJing

Scratching is an integral part of the DJing culture, and a necessary skill for any aspiring DJ. It is a highly technical art form, taking years to master. To become a great scratcher, one needs to follow best practices for scratching in DJing.

  1. The first important best practice for scratching in DJing is to get familiar with the basics. Take time to learn the basics of DJing and the techniques of vinyl-scratching. Learn the hand movements, fundamentals of beat matching, choosing songs with compatible beats, and other basics of DJing. This will ensure you have a solid foundation before you try any complicated scratching techniques.
  2. The second best practice is to practice regularly. Like most musical instruments, scratching on vinyl takes time and dedication to improve your skills. Practice regularly to hone your scratching technique and take time to experiment with the different sounds and tones you can create with your DJ gear. Once you have mastered scratching, you will have a much easier time producing mixes that sound professional.
  3. Finally, you should network with other DJs and attend events or competitions to learn from pros and refine your skills. Listen to experienced DJs, observe their technique and learn from their advice. Networking with other scratchers will allow you to stay up-to-date on the latest scratching trends, make new friends and contacts in the industry, and fuel your passion for DJing.

These are the best practices for scratching in DJing. These tips can help any aspiring DJ to improve their skills and become a great scratcher. So take some time to practice and network with other DJs and before you know it, you’ll be producing incredible scratchy mixes.

Good luck!

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