7 Best Aphmau Friends Youtube Channels

Are you a fan of Minecraft, Aphmau, and amazing animations? Then you have come to the right place! In this article, we have compiled some of the best YouTube channels that offer Minecraft videos, aphmau pranks, animation, portals, and much more. It's time to dive into a whole new dimension of exciting YouTube content! Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels suited to you.


Channel Views: ~12.5b Channel Subscribers: ~13.5m Channel Videos: ~3.9k

Aphmau Youtube Channel

Aphmau is a popular YouTube channel where friends interact with each other while playing role-playing video games and action-adventure games. The channel celebrates video game culture and encourages viewers to join in the fun with diverse content.

Best Of Aphmau

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~28.7k Channel Videos: ~16

Best Of Aphmau Youtube Channel

The Best Of Aphmau YouTube channel features highlights from the popular Minecraft SMP series, Aphmau with her friends, Dream PvP and Dream Manhunt, as well as popular Dream Montage and Dream Best Moments videos. There is also a selection of Minecraft videos from the Dream team, so fans can watch the best of Dream and enjoy their favorite moments from the series.

Little Mob Craft

Channel Views: ~174.4m Channel Subscribers: ~814k Channel Videos: ~910

Little Mob Craft Youtube Channel

Little Mob Craft is a YouTube channel featuring content related to the popular Minecraft game and its many creative worlds. It features comedic content such as pranks and animations, as well as tutorials and other tips on how to build with Minecraft. The channel also showcases game-specific characters such as Aphmau, a lovable and slightly mischievous female character, and her friends. It also focuses on a variety of topics such as dating and crushes. All of the content is created for clean and family friendly entertainment.

Ashly Vylette

Channel Views: ~7.9m Channel Subscribers: ~183k Channel Videos: ~675

Ashly Vylette Youtube Channel

Ashly Vylette's YouTube channel offers a delightful blend of entertainment, video game culture, and Film. Followers and subscribers of her channel can look forward to updates from her and her friends, aphmau, as they engage in fun activities and discuss trending topics and games. Artistic, creative, and always entertaining, Ashly Vylette is sure to wow her audience with every new upload.


Channel Views: ~17.4m Channel Subscribers: ~127k Channel Videos: ~294

AshMC Youtube Channel

AshMC is a YouTube channel hosted by the famous Aphmau and her friends. It is a kid friendly channel that focuses on Ash playing Minecraft and doing various challenges, like the '100 Days of Minecraft' and 'Minecraft but...'. It is a great channel for youngsters and adults alike, as well as followers of Aphmau, Mr Beast, and Ash's gaming content.


Channel Views: ~15.2m Channel Subscribers: ~59.9k Channel Videos: ~257

Matthewcraft Youtube Channel

Matthewcraft is a YouTube channel created by Matthew, which focuses on Minecraft-related content, such as animation, challenges, and tutorials. It also includes fan favorite series like Monster School and featuring Aphmau's friends, Julia Minegirl, and Poi Poi. The channel is also know for its dance challenges and its Chicken Wing meme, as well as its First Meet meme. Matthewcraft is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTube channels around.

SteveNoob - Minecraft

Channel Views: ~25.2m Channel Subscribers: ~172k Channel Videos: ~48

SteveNoob - Minecraft Youtube Channel

SteveNoob - Minecraft is a YouTube channel dedicated to fans of the popular gaming YouTuber Aphmau. It features both tutorials and comedic videos, demonstrating how to make portals to the nether and pull pranks in Minecraft, as well as providing plenty of fun Aphmau-related videos to watch. Whether you're a new viewer or a fan of Aphmau, there's plenty of content to enjoy on the SteveNoob -Minecraft channel.

What Are Aphmau's Friends Likes and Dislikes?

Aphmau’s friends are a diverse and fun cast to the MyStreet Series. They have their individual personalities and tastes, which make them who they are. Let’s take a look at the likes and dislikes of Aphmau’s closest friends on the show.

  1. Garrett is loyal and strong-willed and he loves a good challenge. He's an avid gamer and enjoys playing videogames, especially those with an RPG element. He loves going on adventures with his friends and debates passionately about his favorite characters. Garrett’s biggest dislikes include feeling helpless and being called unprepared.
  2. Aaron is eccentric and loves to be the center of attention. He loves art and enjoys drawing, painting, and sculpting in his free time. His favorite hobbies are eating sweets and spending time with his friends. Aaron's least favorite things are when people ignore his achievements or put others down. He can’t stand it when people are deceitful or take advantage of his good nature.
  3. Kawaii~Chan is the embodiment of cheerfulness and positivity. She loves exploring and making new friends, often trying to set up her friends with one another. Kawaii~Chan has a sweet tooth, so cupcakes and rainbow sweets are her favorite treats. On the other hand, her least favorite activities are when her friends argue or are unfair to each other. She also hates getting teased for her childish behavior.

Aphmau’s friends are a big part of her life, and she wouldn't be complete without them. They're lovable characters whose likes and dislikes make them stand out from the rest. It's amazing to see how well her friends understand each other and help her in her day-to-day struggles.

How Did Aphmau and Her Friends Become Close?

When it comes to Aphmau and her friends, the story of how they became close is quite interesting. It began when Aphmau moved to a small town that was known to be quite unfriendly and without any real connection to anyone. She had met an old lady that owned the local candy shop and it was through her generosity and kindness that Aphmau was first welcomed into the community. This was where she met her closest friends, Kawaii~Chan the town mascot, Aaron, the son of the local mayor, and Travis, the local jock.

  • The original friendship between the four was at first a chance meeting and none of them knew each other all that personally. That quickly changed, as the four soon became inseparable. They spent many hours together whether it was running around town, playing video games, or even just stopping by the candy shop to chat. It wasn’t until after their first adventure in Avalon that something special was formed between the group. Taking on challenges and working together to overcome each obstacle built a strong level of trust between the four, making them a united foursome and thus, forming the beloved friendship.
  • From then on out, each of their adventures were cherished moments shared between the four and it wasn’t ever something to be taken lightly. These moments together spanned far beyond anything they had ever expected, and it shows as they’ve continued to challenge one another and grow throughout the years. As of now the four remain close friends, despite the occasional fights, and it all goes back to that fateful day when Aphmau first moved to the town.

Overall, it’s fair to say that Aphmau and her friends are some of the closest people in the world and their friendship is something that every person should strive to achieve. Through trust, understanding, and support, these four have created a bond that goes beyond anything that anyone could have expected.

What Advice Has Aphmau's Friends Given Her?

Aphmau has gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout her life, and each time she has managed to do it with the support of her friends around her. They are always there to lend an ear when she needs it and to give her advice when she's looking for a new perspective. What advice has her friends given her in the past?

  • In tough situations, Aphmau's friends always make sure to remind her to not lose sight of who she is and to remember that she is capable of making it through anything that life throws her way. It's this type of advice that encourages her to make decisions for herself and to learn from her mistakes. They remind her to have confidence in herself and that she has the strength to push through.
  • Another tidbit of advice Aphmau's friends have given her is to reach out for help when she's feeling overwhelmed. They remind her that it's okay to not be the strongest person in a room and that she doesn't have to go through difficult times alone. No matter what they face, they hope that Aphmau will always remember to build up a strong support network that she can rely on.

These are just some of the pieces of advice that Aphmau's friends have given her over the years, but it's clear to see how much their words have affected her. From reminding her that she is strong enough to pursue her dreams to showing her the importance of having a strong support system, their words of wisdom have helped her to make positive changes in her life. With the help of her friends, Aphmau has become the strong and independent woman she is today.

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