19 Best Spiritual Channels on Youtube

Looking to deepen your relationship with God through spiritual and lifestyle enrichment? Then exploring the best YouTube channels for discovering the power of spiritual meditation, Jesus, and the Bible could be just the thing for you! With so many amazing channels out there, it can be hard to find the perfect one for your unique needs. In this article, we'll share the top YouTube channels for finding spirituality, meditation music, motivation, Bible study, healing, and more. Keep reading to learn more and find the perfect channel for you!

Music for Body and Spirit - Meditation Music

Channel Views: ~504.9m Channel Subscribers: ~3.1m Channel Videos: ~773

Music for Body and Spirit - Meditation Music Youtube Channel

Music for Body and Spirit - Meditation Music is a YouTube channel that provides spiritual, reiki healing, and relaxing music for the purpose of meditation, yoga, sleep, and studying. The channel offers several meditative music genres such as reiki music, binaural beats, and deep sleep music, with the intention of helping listeners to restore their bodies and spirit.

Soulful Revolution

Channel Views: ~84.4m Channel Subscribers: ~258k Channel Videos: ~5.4k

Soulful Revolution Youtube Channel

Soulful Revolution is a YouTube channel that provides spiritual guidance through daily tarot messages. It offers offerings for a tarot reading for beginners, as well as twin flame soulmate and soul purpose readings. The channel also has channeled guidance and explanations about twin flames. Its aim is to help viewers on their spiritual journey.

The Leo King

Channel Views: ~30.9m Channel Subscribers: ~130k Channel Videos: ~2.5k

The Leo King Youtube Channel

The Leo King is a popular YouTube channel hosted by celebrity astrologer, David Palmer. He covers a variety of topics such as the 2012 Sun-Pluto Square, spirituality, and fortune telling, as well as being a House DJ and reality celebrity. His channel provides uncategorized astrological insights and predictions.

Teal Swan

Channel Views: ~201.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~1k

Teal Swan Youtube Channel

Teal Swan's YouTube channel is a spiritual catalyst that provides self-development, self-help, and transformation tools rooted in revolutionary practices for indigo children. She is a coach, guide, and mentor through the shadow work, acting as a spiritual guide to help her followers achieve their own personal growth and transformation.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Channel Views: ~58.7m Channel Subscribers: ~657k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Youtube Channel

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's YouTube channel is a spiritual and prophetic platform for believers of the ECG church. Hosted by Major 1 himself, viewers can explore and experience the powerful message of God through the teachings, prayers, and miracles of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Through 'Prophetic Channel TV', viewers can enjoy exclusive coverage of events, insights, and prophetic sessions live from ECG church.

Prophet Lovy

Channel Views: ~25.7m Channel Subscribers: ~198k Channel Videos: ~1k

Prophet Lovy Youtube Channel

Prophet Lovy's YouTube channel is a spiritual space that features videos from their church that explore the values of Jesus Christ, love, and inspiration. The channel aims to inspire its viewers to live their life for God.

Derek Prince

Channel Views: ~88.4m Channel Subscribers: ~701k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Derek Prince Youtube Channel

Derek Prince's YouTube channel is the perfect place to explore spiritual growth through bible study and Christian teachings that you can trust. Learn in-depth about the true power of the Holy Spirit, God the Father, and Derek Prince's sermons. Discover the key principles that will guide you in your Christian marriage journey. Tune in today!

Vlad Savchuk

Channel Views: ~62.6m Channel Subscribers: ~611k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Vlad Savchuk Youtube Channel

Vlad Savchuk's YouTube channel includes spiritual insight and a unique deliverance ministry. He features various experts on the Holy Spirit such as Isaiah Saldivar, Alexander Pagani, Bob Larson, David DiGa Hernandez, and David Hernandez. He also encourages his viewers to join him as he casts out demons and encourages deliverance. This channel is a great source of spiritual knowledge and guidance.

Tony Evans

Channel Views: ~102.8m Channel Subscribers: ~728k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Tony Evans Youtube Channel

Tony Evans YouTube channel is a great resource for spiritual guidance and inspiration. Featuring full sermons, teachings, and messages from Dr. Tony Evans, the channel is full of wisdom and insight on faith, marriage, prayer, spiritual warfare, and more. Through The Urban Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans provides helpful and practical resources for those looking to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Wisdom of Sadhguru

Channel Views: ~83.2m Channel Subscribers: ~554k Channel Videos: ~900

Wisdom of Sadhguru Youtube Channel

The Wisdom of Sadhguru YouTube channel offers spiritual insight and daily wisdom from Sadhguru himself with a variety of content including daily wisdom shorts, the wisdom of Sadhguru channel, and wisdom of Sadhguru shorts. The channel speaks to his illuminating words of wisdom and serves as a portal to a balanced and peaceful life.

Victor Oddo

Channel Views: ~30.1m Channel Subscribers: ~313k Channel Videos: ~913

Victor Oddo Youtube Channel

Victor Oddo's YouTube channel covers a range of spiritual topics, such as astrological insights for Full and New Moon phases, eclipse astrology, and energy updates associated with each transitional point. He provides in-depth analysis and guidance for anyone looking to connect with the cosmic rhythms of the lunar cycle.

Sounds True

Channel Views: ~29.3m Channel Subscribers: ~261k Channel Videos: ~915

Sounds True Youtube Channel

The Sounds True YouTube channel offers spiritual teachings from renowned figures like Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, and Tami Simon. It is a source of spiritual wisdom and insight, where Sounds True's mission to awaken humanity through transformative education is made real. With short audio clips and extended lectures, experience the beauty of life's true sounds.


Channel Views: ~33.4m Channel Subscribers: ~404k Channel Videos: ~546

SlightlyBetter Youtube Channel

SlightlyBetter is a YouTube channel that contains spiritual guidance, personal development and gives people the tools to identify and recover from narcissistic abuse. It is dedicated to helping spiritually gifted people reach their goals, and exposing narcissists for who they really are. Not only that, but it also provides resources on how to cope when a narcissist blows hot and cold, and how to thrive after enduring narcissistic abuse.

Mystics of India

Channel Views: ~200.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~616

Mystics of India Youtube Channel

Mystics of India is a YouTube channel that features spiritual guidance and knowledge on Indic teachings, featuring content such as lectures, interviews, and documentaries on topics such as Buddha, Osho, Sadhguru, Yoga, and Mysticism. They seek to bring peace and spiritual education to India and those interested in India's culture and spiritual teachings.

Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH

Channel Views: ~30.2m Channel Subscribers: ~503k Channel Videos: ~402

Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH Youtube Channel

Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH's YouTube channel is all about personal growth and spiritual awakening. She creates content such as life coaching, self-help, 'healing, empath, and twin flames topics to help people clients gain deeper connections with their spiritual selves. Her videos explore the power of discovering your inner self at a deeper level to achieve a true sense of liberation and healing. Through her channel, she aims to empower people to explore their spiritual side, awaken their souls, and create positive transformation in their lives.


Channel Views: ~13.5m Channel Subscribers: ~287k Channel Videos: ~470

MorgueOfficial Youtube Channel

MorgueOfficial is a spiritual YouTube channel that focuses on personal and self development to help individuals find themselves and get closer to the truth. From sacred geometry and secret societies to self actualization, this channel helps answer the big questions of life.

Eckhart Tolle

Channel Views: ~204m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~632

Eckhart Tolle Youtube Channel

The Eckhart Tolle YouTube channel offers spiritual enlightenment, sharing insights from Eckhart's teachings on subjects ranging from spiritual awakening and developing self-awareness to relationships, meditation, and the power of now. Kim Eng guides viewers through Eckhart's journey and his book A New Earth as they explore new paths of personal growth.

Jentezen Franklin

Channel Views: ~29.1m Channel Subscribers: ~352k Channel Videos: ~863

Jentezen Franklin Youtube Channel

Jentezen Franklin is a renowned Christian ministry based around Kingdom Connection and Free Chapel. His YouTube channel offers spiritual content, with weekly sermons, music videos, and TV shows, to help grow the Christian faith.

The Satsang Foundation

Channel Views: ~22.2m Channel Subscribers: ~173k Channel Videos: ~982

The Satsang Foundation Youtube Channel

The Satsang Foundation YouTube channel is an online source of spiritual knowledge aimed at inspiring people to discover the truth within. Its content covers various religious topics, ranging from ancient wisdom to modern-day spiritual discourse. It also features music and lectures on how to bring more peace and love into our society. It's a great resource for those seeking spiritual growth and inspiration.

Tools for Boosting Spiritual Connection

Being connected to something larger than us can give us a sense of purpose and the motivation to be the best version of ourselves. In recent years, with the advent of the digital age, connecting with our spirituality has been easier than ever. There are a variety of tools available to help us strengthen and deepen our spiritual connection, allowing us to feel the power and the peace of a meaningful relationship.

  • One of the most effective spiritual practices is Meditation. There are a variety of meditation techniques available, from guided meditations to practices such as mindfully focusing on objects, breathing, or mantras. Meditation can help us to become more mindful and increase our awareness of our internal landscape, leading to a deeper spiritual connection.
  • When engaging with our spirituality, it can also be helpful to practice visualisation. Visualisation involves using our imagination to see ourselves or what we want in life, whether it’s to connect with a particular spiritual figure or to manifest our highest potential. Visualisations create a sense of intention, purpose, and alignment with our deepest desires.

These are just a few of the many tools that can help us to boost our spiritual connection. Taking the time to incorporate one or several of these practices into our daily lives can be a powerful way to nourish our soul and open up to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence. Whether it’s through meditation, visualisation, or some other form of practice, we can all benefit from taking the time to connect with our spiritual selves.

Exploring Different Spiritual Practices

When it comes to spiritual practices, there are dozens of different approaches, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to spirituality. Exploring different spiritual practices enables us to gain a deeper understanding of our beliefs and to choose which ones will resonate with us. To prepare for this journey, it can be helpful to take some time to reflect on our inner selves and our personal meaning of spirituality.

  • Once we have clarified our spiritual beliefs, we can begin to branch out and explore other practices. We can read the spiritual writings of people across different cultures and religions, such as the ancient text of the Bhagavad Gita or the Christian Bible. We can also observe ritual practices, such as meditation, chanting, mantras, and prayer. We can even visit sacred sites of different religions, such as a Buddhist temple or Christian church. All of these experiences can help us find ways to incorporate our own spiritual paths and develop a richer understanding of what resonates within us.
  • Finally, a great way to enhance our spiritual practices is by connecting with like-minded people. This can be done through joining faith groups, attending workshops, or even having meaningful conversations with family and friends. Having a support structure of people to share our spiritual journey with can make us feel more at peace, happier, and more connected to the world around us. Through connecting with others, we are able to share our spiritual experiences and help each other gain a better understanding of ourselves.

In summary, exploring different spiritual practices is highly beneficial in terms of deepening our beliefs and understanding what speaks to us. This can be accomplished through reading spiritual texts, observing ritual practices, visiting sacred sites, and connecting with others. Overall, this exploration is what allows us to create a spiritual path that is meaningful and truly reflects who we are.

Discovering Your Spiritual Identity

The process of discovering your spiritual identity is a journey that is difficult to explain but incredibly enriching. Your spiritual identity is derived from the beliefs, values, and experiences that make you who you are. Everyone is different and has their own spiritual identity which can be explored through exploration and self-reflection.

  • It is important for individuals to consider their spiritual identity, as it forms the foundation for understanding yourself and developing a meaningful connection with the world around you. Sitting in moments of stillness, reflecting on your life and what brings you peace, is a great start to getting to know your spiritual identity. Listen to yourself and develop an understanding of the things that bring you joy and meaning.
  • Ultimately, your spiritual identity is unique and based on the personal beliefs and values you have chosen to embrace. It is important to be open-minded and explore different paths in order to uncover new beliefs and values. Engage in meaningful conversations, explore different cultures, practice different spiritual practices and discover what resonates with you. 

The journey of spiritual identity is ongoing, so challenge yourself and take the time to explore. Step into your spiritual identity each day and allow yourself make the journey your own.

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