15 Best Norwegian Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you planning a cruise and looking for some of the best YouTube Channels to learn Norwegian travel and cruise tips? Look no further! In this article, you will find the top YouTube Channels to help you plan the perfect Norwegian Cruise Line experience and stay up-to-date with the latest Carnival Cruise and Norwegian news - all in one place. So, if you're looking to get the most out of your vacation, read on to learn more!

Norwegian Cruise Line

Channel Views: ~31.4m Channel Subscribers: ~60.6k Channel Videos: ~763

Norwegian Cruise Line Youtube Channel

The Norwegian Cruise Line YouTube channel offers cruise fans and vacationers a glimpse into the world of Norwegian Cruise Lines. Guests can watch videos showcasing the fleet of Norwegian Cruise Line ships and their many exciting amenities, making it the perfect place to research and plan a future family vacation on a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship. From onboard activities and entertainment to special events, NCL cruises provide plenty of travel and vacation fun.

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Channel Views: ~22.3m Channel Subscribers: ~25.6k Channel Videos: ~432

Norwegian Air Shuttle Youtube Channel

The Norwegian Air Shuttle YouTube channel is the perfect destination for those looking to travel the world. Whether it's flying with Norwegian Air or taking a Norwegian flight to wherever you want, you can find all the information you need to make your journey as pleasant as possible. With inspiring videos and helpful tips, you can rest assured you're in good hands when you fly Norwegian.

Norwegian Teacher - Karin

Channel Views: ~13.7m Channel Subscribers: ~92.9k Channel Videos: ~379

Norwegian Teacher - Karin Youtube Channel

Karin's YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to learn Norwegian. She offers lessons that help you gain confidence in the language and understand the culture of Norway. Her videos are clear, educational and provide detailed explanations of the Norsk language and how to apply it in everyday life. With her help, you can master the Norwegian language and make your dream of visiting Norway a reality!

Simple Norwegian

Channel Views: ~6.5m Channel Subscribers: ~85.5k Channel Videos: ~55

Simple Norwegian Youtube Channel

Simple Norwegian is a YouTube channel perfect for those wanting to learn Norwegian! It offers beginner to advanced tutorials, lessons, and resources to make learning the language simple, easy, and fun. With videos about the basics of the Norwegian language, pronunciation, grammar, and culture, Simple Norwegian is a great place to start exploring norsk!

Travel With Josh & Taylor

Channel Views: ~14.5m Channel Subscribers: ~70.5k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Travel With Josh & Taylor Youtube Channel

Travel With Josh & Taylor is a YouTube channel dedicated to luxury travel. They specialize in cruise experiences, highlighting featured lines such as MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, and even Norwegian fjords. Tune in for their insightful commentary and stunning visuals of some of the world's most luxurious cruises and river cruises. An ideal watch for those wanting to explore the world of luxury travel.

EECC Travels

Channel Views: ~26.1m Channel Subscribers: ~130k Channel Videos: ~960

EECC Travels Youtube Channel

EECC Travels is a YouTube channel created by a Norwegian family that documents their travels around the world. It features videos about everything from their trip to Disney World and Carnival Cruise to tips and advice for cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). Follow along as they share their incredible experiences through vlogs and travel tips!


Channel Views: ~20.4m Channel Subscribers: ~160k Channel Videos: ~685

ARNE & CARLOS Youtube Channel

Arne & Carlos is a Norwegian YouTube channel devoted to preserving their country's heritage by sharing knitting and crochet tutorials. With over 100 videos titled Sit and Knit for a bit with Arne & Carlos viewers get to discover Norwegian knitting and crochet techniques in a friendly and informative setting.

Speak Norsk

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~22.1k Channel Videos: ~80

Speak Norsk Youtube Channel

Speak Norsk is a YouTube channel that offers free Norwegian lessons, making it easier for learners to learn and understand Norwegian grammar, pronunciation, and more. Through their online Norwegian classes, viewers can effectively learn the language and get useful tips and strategies to become fluent in Norweigian. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced speaker, Speak Norsk provides a free way to learn the language and snakk norsk with confidence.


Channel Views: ~7.2m Channel Subscribers: ~29.8k Channel Videos: ~672

CRUISE WITH JOSH Youtube Channel

CRUISE WITH JOSH is a YouTube channel that follows Josh on his Norwegian cruises. He features family-friendly cruise vlogs, as well as helpful cruise tips and reviews for first time cruisers. Josh also offers up-to-date news on the latest cruise lines and reviews of Carnival cruises, along with tips to make the most of your Carnival experience.

Cruise With Ben and David

Channel Views: ~35.6m Channel Subscribers: ~178k Channel Videos: ~482

Cruise With Ben and David Youtube Channel

Cruise With Ben and David is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on cruise vlogs, tips, and reviews on a variety of cruises such as Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruise, and Celebrity Cruises. Hosted by Ben and David, they showcase their Norwegian Cruise escapades and provide helpful insights and advice to viewers.

Anna Goldman

Channel Views: ~2.1m Channel Subscribers: ~21.5k Channel Videos: ~102

Anna Goldman Youtube Channel

Anna Goldman's YouTube channel is a great resource for those interested in Norwegian life and travel. She shares her experience as an expat in Norway, from the challenges and rewards of her moving journey to the best tips for work and travel in Norway. Anna regularly uploads videos about living and working in Norway, her travel experiences in 2021, and other insights about day-to-day life in Norway.

Eat Sleep Cruise

Channel Views: ~14.9m Channel Subscribers: ~61.2k Channel Videos: ~294

Eat Sleep Cruise Youtube Channel

Eat Sleep Cruise YouTube channel provides family-friendly cruise tours, travel tips, and secrets about Norwegian, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean ships. They help families plan an amazing trip with informative and entertaining cruise tours, packing tips, and even advice on how to make the most of your family cruise. Their videos are full of information and tips to make your cruising experience with family enjoyable and unforgettable.

The Travel Scouts

Channel Views: ~3.4m Channel Subscribers: ~36.1k Channel Videos: ~227

The Travel Scouts Youtube Channel

The Travel Scouts YouTube channel is a great source of cruise news and tips. They provide videos on a variety of topics, including cruise ship tours, breaking cruise news, and travel tips, all within the context of Carnival Cruise Line. They are Norwegian cruise YouTubers and vloggers who provide insights on everything to do with sailing the seas.

New Scan Man

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~6.9k Channel Videos: ~135

New Scan Man Youtube Channel

New Scan Man's YouTube channel features exciting new Scandinavian cooking from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. Try out traditional Viking dishes, or explore the culinary novelties from each country. New Scan Man provides fresh takes on Norwegian, Danish and other Scandinavian recipes.

Cruise with Grant

Channel Views: ~256.3k Channel Subscribers: ~3.6k Channel Videos: ~23

Cruise with Grant Youtube Channel

Cruise with Grant is a YouTube channel focusing on Norwegian Cruise Lines. The channel provides viewers with the latest cruise news, travel tips & hacks, and information on the newest Norwegian Cruise Lines ships such as Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Prima, and Norwegian Getaway. Watch and keep up to date with the latest cruise and travel news on the Cruise with Grant YouTube channel!

Understanding the Culture and History of Norway

Norway is a country of great beauty, with a unique culture, landscape, and history. Understanding the culture and history of Norway is essential for anyone hoping to connect with the country. With a history that dates back thousands of years, Norway is a fascinating place to explore and reflect on.

  1. A strong emphasis has been placed on the protection and celebration of Norway’s cultural and historical heritage for centuries. The people of Norway have managed to preserve their cultural heritage, even though much of their land has faced numerous wars and other upheavals. Today, you can see this commitment to preserving the past in the many ancient ruins, castles, and monuments across Norway.
  2. Celebrations, festivals, and traditional songs still form an important part of life in Norway. By attending one of these festivals, you can really get a true taste of Norwegian culture. Markets and celebrations often feature traditional crafts and food, offering visitors a great opportunity to experience a more complete version of the country’s culture and, more importantly, to support the local communities and entrepreneurs who work hard to keep these traditions alive. All these contribute to a unique and vibrant culture that continues to shape the Norwegian identity today. By understanding the culture and history of Norway, we can explore and appreciate this complex and interesting country in new ways.
  3. Understanding the culture and history of Norway is an essential step for anyone wanting to get to grips with this stunning country. Its stunning landscape and long thousand-year-old history are something to be explored and cherished. Characters from the sagas and epic tales that form part of Norway's literature can be found around the country. Today, it is possible to find several ancient ruins, castles, and monuments that are essential to understanding Norway’s storied past.
  4. One of the best ways to appreciate Norway's past is to immerse yourself in one of its many local festivals. Here, traditional food, crafts, and songs are celebrated by the locals, giving visitors a unique glimpse of the culture and history of the land. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to support the local entrepreneurs and communities that work hard to keep these cultural practices alive. 

All these contribute to Norway’s distinct cultural identity which continues to influence the nation's identity today. To gain a greater appreciation of this beautiful country, understanding its culture and history is essential.

How to Make Traditional Norwegian Dishes

Norwegian cuisine is loved all over the world for its rich and hearty flavors. Traditional Norwegian dishes have been enjoyed for hundreds of years, perfecting the same recipes to give a unique taste of the North. Whether you’re looking to recreate a family favorite or try something entirely new, these traditional Norwegian dishes will give you an authentic taste of Norway.

  • One of the most popular traditional dishes is salmon. For centuries, Norwegians have been preparing this popular fish in various ways; from marinated salmon to marinated salmon cakes or soups. The possibilities are endless, and each recipe is a delicious treat. You can also try seared salmon or pan-fried salmon with a dollop of butter. For an easier option, check out frozen salmon steaks from the grocery store.
  • Traditional Swedish meatballs are also a classic. They’re usually served with gravy, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can season the meatballs with herbs like dill, tarragon, nutmeg, or allspice. For more authenticity, try making them with reindeer or elk meat. To finish the meal, try combining your Swedish meatballs with some pickled vegetables and potatoes.

For those looking to explore Norway’s traditional cuisine, these delicious dishes are the perfect place to start. Enjoy the fresh flavors and hearty textures Norway has to offer, and be sure to invite some friends over for a taste of Norway!

Discovering Norway's Unique Folklore

Norway is home to a wide variety of stories, myths, and folklore that are deeply rooted in the country's long and mysterious history. From trolls to hidden creatures, and the hidden people of the Sami population, Norway's colorful folklore has been passed down from generation to generation, creating a unique and inspiring view of the country that few other cultures can match.

  • Exploring the wide range of Norway's unique stories and folklore can be an exciting and educational experience that provides insight into the region's very heart and soul. Whether you've come to explore the Viking culture, take in the rugged beauty of Norway's fjords, or simply satisfy your curiosity, uncovering the world of Norway's folklore is the perfect way to go.
  • Head out and explore the awe-inspiring landscape and carve your own journey of discovery with tales of Viking legend steeped in myth, stories of shape-shifting bears, epic adventures of trolls and faeries, and the timeless tales of the Sami people. Take a moment to pause and listen to the singing of the birds, the roaring of the rivers, and the whispers of old Norwegian folklore. It's an experience like no other.

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