9 Best Nigerian Music Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that feature Nigerian music, Afrobeats, and other African music? Look no further! In this article, we'll be introducing you to some of the top and most official YouTube channels that showcase some of the hottest Nigerian and African music. From Wizkid and Davido's latest music videos to collaborations between Nigerian and South African artists, we've got some amazing content to share with you. Keep reading to find out the best YouTube channels for Nigerian music, Afrobeats, and African music!

Pulse Nigeria

Channel Views: ~41.2m Channel Subscribers: ~306k Channel Videos: ~4.2k

Pulse Nigeria Youtube Channel

Pulse Nigeria is a YouTube channel that curates the best of Nigerian music, social videos, trending news, and viral videos from all around the country. The channel also features Pulse Live events and Pulse Live Nigeria, where viewers get exclusive access to live music events from around the country. Pulse videos bring you the best of current entertainment, so make sure to check out Pulse Live Videos Nigeria for an amazing experience.

Stereotype Official

Channel Views: ~35.6m Channel Subscribers: ~191k Channel Videos: ~2.6k

Stereotype Official Youtube Channel

Stereotype Official is a Nigerian YouTube channel dedicated to the best entertainment and music. With a focus on hip hop and Nigerian music, they provide high quality videos featuring updates on the hottest music trends. Discover your new favorite artist and stay in the know with Stereotype Official.

9jaPraise - Gospel Music

Channel Views: ~52.1m Channel Subscribers: ~535k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

9jaPraise - Gospel Music Youtube Channel

9jaPraise - Gospel Music YouTube channel provides inspirational and uplifting Nigerian music, Nigerian praise and worship songs, and African gospel mega worship & praise. It is a great resource for listeners looking to be spiritually uplifted by traditional Nigerian gospel music.

Shammah Benefits

Channel Views: ~632k Channel Subscribers: ~11.2k Channel Videos: ~234

Shammah Benefits Youtube Channel

Shammah Benefits is a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting Nigerian music from all over Africa. The channel produces and uploads various music videos from the renowned Nigerian artist Shammah Benefits to bring vibrancy, culture, and energy from the nation to viewers all over the world.

MCG Empire

Channel Views: ~58.6m Channel Subscribers: ~105k Channel Videos: ~162

MCG Empire Youtube Channel

MCG Empire is a YouTube channel dedicated to Nigerian music, featuring songs from popular artist MC Galaxy, as well as music from Menta Music and other Nigerian artists. With a variety of music ranging from pop, rap, and afrobeat, it is the ultimate destination for the latest Nigerian entertainment and music. Find the latest videos from MC Galaxy, as well as other Nigerian music from the MCG Empire channel.


Channel Views: ~14m Channel Subscribers: ~64.1k Channel Videos: ~150

AFRoSCENE.TV Youtube Channel

AFRoSCENE.TV is a YouTube channel decoted to providing viewers with the latest Nigerian music, Naija music, top 40 music from the UK, and African music from across the continent. It features tracks such as Afrobeats, Nigerian gospel music, and Nigerian praise, as well as gospel songs. Whether you're an avid fan of African music or just want to discover something new, AFRoSCENE.TV is worth checking out.

Africa Uncensored

Channel Views: ~967.8k Channel Subscribers: ~8.5k Channel Videos: ~122

Africa Uncensored Youtube Channel

Africa Uncensored is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring African culture, music, and politics through its innovative narrative and pan-African approach. They feature content from across the continent and from Nigerian music to Afrobeats and African politics. Their content is made to raise awareness about Africa and explore the topics of African identity, resistance, and resurgence.

UncutAfrica Live

Channel Views: ~346.9k Channel Subscribers: ~26.8k Channel Videos: ~111

UncutAfrica Live Youtube Channel

UncutAfrica Live is a YouTube channel that presents Nigerian music with talented artists such as Wode Maya, Kwadwo Sheldon, Shatta Wale, Fireboy DML, King Promise, Black Sherif, and Kuame Eugene. It also offers insightful 'Kwadwo Sheldon Breakdown' videos to review the latest hits in African music. Tune in to discover the hottest music coming out of Africa!


Channel Views: ~42.9m Channel Subscribers: ~80.7k Channel Videos: ~99

remakim2 Youtube Channel

Remakim2 is a YouTube channel devoted to celebrating the culture and music of Nigeria and Ukraine. With content ranging from traditional Igbo and Biafra praises to modern Nigerian highlife music, the channel offers a rich and diverse selection of tunes to explore. With a focus on making Nigerian music more accessible and enjoyable, Remakim2 provides a great resource for anyone interested in the culture of these two countries.

The Popularity of Nigerian Music Around the World

Over the last decade Nigeria has been producing at an outstanding rate some of the most entertaining and captivating music in the world. With a rich musical diversity from the likes of afrobeat, afro-pop, gospel, hip-hop and more, it is no wonder that Nigerian music has become a hit across the globe.

  • One of the most popular genres of Nigerian music is Afrobeats. The genre has been popular ever since it started breaking into the mainstream in 2012, following the success of songs like Wizkid's 'Holla At Your Boy' and D'banj's 'Oliver Twist'. Since then, afrobeats has consistently had international appeal, with its unique sound and energetic beats. Notable international stars like Drake, Cardi B, Burna Boy and Popcaan, have all sampled afrobeats in their music that has gone viral.
  • Thanks to the increasing popularity of Nigerian music, more and more African artists are getting signed by international record labels, and with every success, it only creates further opportunities for African music to reach more audiences around the world. As Nigerian music continues to evolve, and with the help of social media, it looks like Nigerian music is only going to become more popular in the years to come. No doubt it will be one of the biggest and most celebrated musical styles in the world.

Some Nigerian Musicians You Should Know

Nigeria is known for its eclectic and vibrant music scene, which has greatly influenced popular culture both at home and on the international stage. Artists from Nigeria are crossing genres and paving the way for a new kind of music that blends traditional sounds with modern production. Here is a list of some Nigerian musicians all music lovers should know.

  1. First on the list is Burna Boy, who has been making waves both in Nigeria and around the world for his unique sound and his impressive lyrics. His blend of Afro-fusion and Hip-Hop has made him one of the most sought-after artists in the industry, and his success with the album African Giant further solidified his influence. 
  2. Another popular name is Wizkid, who is credited with helping to usher in a new era of Afro-pop music. His melodies and verses often tell stories of love and heartbreak, combining electronic beats and groovy beats. His collaborations with Drake, Chris Brown, and other artists further strengthened his presence in the music industry.
  3. Finally, Tiwa Savage is another must-know name when it comes to Nigerian music. Her music is heavily influenced by West African rhythms, making her one of the few female artists to have broken into the mainstream. Tiwa’s fierce attitude and captivating performances have endeared her to fans who have been following her career since the start. Others like Davido, Wande Coal, Omah Lay and Yemi Alade have all made waves in the Nigerian music industry and are worth checking out as well. 

All of these amazing artists have pushed the boundaries of Nigerian music and created a more diverse and interesting landscape for years to come. Led by these trend-setting artists, Nigerian music is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Musical Genres Across Nigeria's Different Regions

Nigeria is a country rich with unique cultural identities and a variety of musical genres. With its diverse population and diverse regional cultures, the country is home to a mix of musical sounds. From highlife to juju and Afrobeat, Nigeria's different regions each have their own distinct musical style.

  • Highlife is a popular style of music in the South Western part of Nigeria, especially in the Yoruba areas. It originated from South-Eastern Nigeria and has a combination of traditional and contemporary musical elements. Characterized by the use of simple melodies and catchy rhythms, highlife is a popular genre among many Nigerian music lovers.
  • If you want to listen to a more traditional style of music, JuJu from the South-Western Nigeria is the perfect choice. This genre also incorporates traditional rhythms and melodies. It is rich in percussion and drums, and the lead instruments include violins, guitars, and keyboards. JuJu has been popular since the late 20th century and continues to be a popular choice among music lovers.
  • It would be a mistake not to mention Afrobeat, the signature genre of Nigeria. Developed by Fela Kuti in the 1970s, this genre combines traditional African styles, rhythm and blues, funk, and jazz. It is a popular genre across the globe and has a large following in Nigeria. With its powerful beats and infectious melodies, Afrobeat has made its mark on the Nigerian music scene.

No matter where you are in Nigeria, you can find something that will move your foot and make you want to dance. From highlife and juju to Afrobeat, there is something for everyone. Each region of Nigeria has a unique sound that will capture your attention and keep you coming back for more.

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