14 Best Hindi Learning Youtube Channels + Tutorials

If you're looking for the best YouTube channels to help you learn Hindi, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll share some of our top picks for channels that can help you with learning Hindi grammar, vocabulary, and more. So whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, be sure to check out these channels for all your Hindi learning needs!

Learn Hindi with HindiPod101.com

Channel Views: ~17.2m Channel Subscribers: ~323k Channel Videos: ~654

Learn Hindi with HindiPod101.com Youtube Channel

Learn Hindi with HindiPod101.com is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing an interactive source for learning the Hindi language. With lessons, cultural tips and life stories, their content fosters an understanding and appreciation of the knowledge, culture, and lifestyle of the Hindi-speaking world. They strive to create fun and engaging content to make the language learning process easy and enjoyable.

Hindi TV

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~31.7k Channel Videos: ~296

Hindi TV Youtube Channel

The Hindi TV YouTube channel offers a variety of videos to help viewers learn the Hindi language. There are videos on topics such as learning Hindi vocabulary, Hindi alphabets, and how to learn Hindi through English. The channel also features English daily use sentences to help viewers learn common phrases in Hindi.
Thechannel has over 290 videos and 30,800 subscribers as of now, making it a great resource for those wanting to learn Hindi. So check it out andsubscribe for more Hindi learning videos!

Watch and Learn Hindi

Channel Views: ~2.1m Channel Subscribers: ~37.3k Channel Videos: ~89

Watch and Learn Hindi Youtube Channel

Watch and Learn Hindi is a helpful YouTube channel for learning the Hindi language. They offer videos and tutorials to teach Hindi through English, making it easy for anyone to learn. They provide real world Hindi conversations to help you learn to talk in Hindi and eventually become fluent. They make learning Hindi convenient, fun and successful.

Learn Hindi With Madan

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~19.6k Channel Videos: ~111

Learn Hindi With Madan Youtube Channel

Learn Hindi With Madan is a YouTube channel focused on teaching people to learn Hindi language. This channel provides lessons in spoken Hindi and provides guidance in learning it through Telugu. With videos specially designed to help people learn Hindi, this popular channel is the perfect place to start learning the language quickly and effectively. Learn Hindi with Madan for a comprehensive guide to mastering the language and perfecting your pronunciation.

Bengal Tiger A H

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~33.3k Channel Videos: ~175

Bengal Tiger A H Youtube Channel

The Bengal Tiger A H YouTube channel provides educational resources for those interested in learning the Hindi language, featuring videos on topics ranging from basic conversational Hindi to more advanced topics such as sentence making and learning Hindi through Bangla. Additionally, the channel provides resources for beginners looking for guidance on how to learn Bangla to Hindi and how to learn Hindi. With over sixty thousand subscribers, the channel is a great source for those looking to improve their Hindi language skills.

ismart laxman style

Channel Views: ~4.5m Channel Subscribers: ~78.8k Channel Videos: ~86

ismart laxman style Youtube Channel

iSmart Laxman Style is a YouTube channel which provides educational tutorials on learning the Hindi language. It offers a variety of learning options, including how to learn Hindi fast, how to learn Hindi in 10 minutes and a full course in spoken Hindi. It is designed to help anyone learn the Hindi language quickly and easily.


Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~59.5k Channel Videos: ~174

IndianKannadiga Youtube Channel

The IndianKannadiga YouTube channel is a amazing resource for language learners. It provides an extensive range of tutorials on learning Hindi and Kannada through Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Kannada. It also has many spoken tutorials that can help you become more proficient in the Kannada and Telugu languages. With the help of this channel, you can become proficient in the language of your choice quickly and easily.

Wow Series

Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~61.4k Channel Videos: ~297

Wow Series Youtube Channel

The Wow Series YouTube channel provides educational content in multiple languages, such as a learning Hindi language course, English speaking course in Bangla, Hindi speaking course in Bangla and Tamil speaking course. Additionally, they offer Excel tutorials, videos on visiting and traveling, Bangadeshi parks and even a hydraulics lesson. All this combined, makes the Wow Series channel a great platform for anyone looking to learn something new.

Shikshaa Deekshaa

Channel Views: ~10.2m Channel Subscribers: ~64.6k Channel Videos: ~149

Shikshaa Deekshaa Youtube Channel

Shikshaa Deekshaa is a best YouTube channel to learn Hindi language. It provides full guidance and drawing on different aspects of Hindi language with the help of audio-visual tools. This makes learning Hindi easier and more enjoyable for everyone.
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Channel Views: ~106.5m Channel Subscribers: ~ Channel Videos: ~2.9k

Alamin707 Youtube Channel

Alamin707 is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing guidance and education on various topics including learning Hindi and English languages, spoken English, learning Arabic, Bangla tutorials, Malay languages, Dada Joks, Education, Hindi and Islamic subjects. The channel offers comprehensive and engaging tutorials, providing users various ways to learn and master the topics.

Pebbles Language & Competitive Exams

Channel Views: ~20.3m Channel Subscribers: ~194k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

Pebbles Language & Competitive Exams Youtube Channel

Pebbles Language & Competitive Exams YouTube channel is the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn a new language. With content available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, French, Tamil, and Telugu, this channel provides language tutorials, competitive exam preparation, and more. Whether you're just beginning to learn a language or looking to brush up on existing knowledge, this channel is worth checking out.

Ramakrishna K S

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~30.4k Channel Videos: ~304

Ramakrishna K S Youtube Channel

Ramakrishna K S is an informative YouTube channel dedicated to helping its viewers learn the Hindi language, develop a healthier lifestyle, and gain more knowledge on various topics. Its videos often include explanations and demonstrations in order to make the learning process more enjoyable and easier to understand. Through this channel, viewers can gain a richer understanding of the Hindi language and its nuances. Additionally, the channel presents tips that help viewers acquire everyday knowledge and develop healthier lifestyle habits.

Pebbles live

Channel Views: ~1.2b Channel Subscribers: ~4.2m Channel Videos: ~4.8k

Pebbles live Youtube Channel

Pebbles live YouTube channel offers a perfect collection of learning tools for children, including nursery rhymes in Hindi, popular nursery rhymes, top nursery rhymes, rhymes for children, rhymes for kids, nursery rhymes compilation, alphabet songs, and ABC songs for children. It is a great resource for parents and educators looking to give children a fun and exciting learning experience.

Devika Bhatnagar's Telugu Channel

Channel Views: ~55.8m Channel Subscribers: ~875k Channel Videos: ~692

Devika Bhatnagar's Telugu Channel Youtube Channel

Devika Bhatnagar's Telugu Channel is a great resource for learning the Telugu language. It offers a range of instructional videos to help viewers improve their knowledge and skills. The channel also explores various aspects of Telugu culture, providing interesting insights into the lifestyle and customs of the region. It is a great way to gain an understanding of this fascinating language and its influence within India.

Essential Vocabulary Words for Hindi Learners

If you’re learning Hindi, having a firm grasp of essential vocabulary words is important for forming sentences, speaking fluently and understanding Hindi literature. With thousands of vocabulary words to learn, it can be overwhelming to remember every word necessary for conversational Hindi. Luckily, there are some essential words to learn that can give a learner all they need to have basic conversations. Here are some of the essential vocabulary words for Hindi learners.

Firstly, it’s important to learn basic greetings and salutations like 'namaste' (hello or good morning), 'shubh-ratri' (good evening) and 'lamho ki whatkaamanaay' (wishing you the best moments). These phrases are some of the most important words to learn and will give a person the basic knowledge they need to communicate in social situations. Additionally, learners should familiarize themselves with plural words, gender nouns and gender pronouns as these will be encountered frequently.

The next group of essential Hindi words to learn include conjunctions and pronouns. For example, 'aur' (and) and 'kya' ( what) are two conjunctions that are frequently used in Hindi conversations. Additionally, it’s important to learn gender-specific pronouns like 'uska' (his) 'unki' (their) and 'meri' (my). Adding conjunctions to pronouns will give learners the knowledge they need to make and ask basic questions, both practical and personal.

Finally, it’s important to learn some adjectives and adverbs to express feelings, opinions and experiences. Adjectives will help people to add meaning to sentences and improve their conversational abilities while adverbs modify verbs to express actions. Some basic adjectives and adverbs to learn include 'nirmit' (created), 'sabse' (most), 'agyaat' (unknown), and 'humesha' (always). Learning these words will give beginners a great start on the path to fluency.

By familiarizing themselves with essential vocabulary words, Hindi learners can quickly and easily build up their conversational abilities. With this foundation, learners will have the knowledge needed to start talking to people in Hindi, explore Hindi literature and move towards fluency. Learning these essential vocabulary words are an important first step in the Hindi-learning journey. ​​

You can use this site to learn Essential Vocabulary Words of hindi: bilingualkidspot.com

Steps to Mastering Hindi Pronunciation and Conversation

Learning the basics of any language can be a daunting task and mastering the pronunciation, grammar, and conversation of a foreign language can seem nearly impossible. However, with the right approach, tools and practice, it is possible to learn how to communicate in Hindi with confidence. Here are some steps to help you get started mastering Hindi pronunciation and conversation.

The first step to mastering Hindi pronunciation and conversation is to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the language. Once you learn the alphabet, break these sounds down further by learning some basic words. To help you get started on this, look for resources that provide audio recordings that you can repeat. Additionally, it is recommended to practice speaking out loud with a native speaker or using an app that provides virtual lessons.

Finally, the other crucial part of mastering Hindi pronunciation and conversation is to engage in conversational practice. Engage in meaningful conversations with native speakers, whether in person or online, to practice what you have learned. This will help you become more comfortable in speaking and will also help you discover any common errors you may be making in the language. To supplement this, you can load up on films and songs in Hindi to get more conversational language practice.

These steps will help you get on your way to mastering Hindi pronunciation and conversation. With a lot of practice, dedication, and enthusiasm, you will be conversing in Hindi confidently in no time. Good luck!

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