8 of the Best Learning Fula Youtube Channels to Follow

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels for learning the Fula language? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll share with you our top picks for channels that offer helpful lessons on everything from how to pronounce words to grammar tips. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, you're sure to find something to help you on your journey to fluency. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring these channels today!

Souley O

Channel Views: ~233.6k Channel Subscribers: ~4.9k Channel Videos: ~72

Souley O Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel Souley O is a great resource for learning Fulani. The channel started in January 2007 and currently has 72 videos. It has 4,870 subscribers. Some of the topics covered in the videos include greetings, counting, colors, verb conjugation, and family members. The videos are all in Fulani with English subtitles.


Channel Views: ~27.8m Channel Subscribers: ~118k Channel Videos: ~814

Wikitongues Youtube Channel

Wikitongues is a YouTube channel that was started in December 2011. The channel has 814 videos and 117,000 subscribers. The channel features videos of people speaking various languages from all over the world. Some of the languages featured on the channel include Fula, Pulaar, West African French, Ewondo, Tuvan, Loma, Wolof, French, Hassaniya Arabic, Tamazight, Kabiye, Northern Sotho, Mooré, Dioula, Mandingo, Dagbani, Mandinka, Bijapur Kannada, Sakapulteko, Spanish, Jamaican Creole English, and Jamaican Patois.

Salihu Bashir

Channel Views: ~10.5k Channel Subscribers: ~289 Channel Videos: ~19

Salihu Bashir Youtube Channel

Salihu Bashir has been teaching people how to speak Fulfulde since 2013. His channel is full of videos on topics like how to say greetings and count in Fulfulde, as well as more specific topics like how to say different body parts and sentences. He also has a Fulani book available for purchase on his channel. Bashir's videos have a supportive and encouraging tone, making them perfect for beginners who want to learn this beautiful language.

Ahkeem ðe Türk

Channel Views: ~1.9k Channel Subscribers: ~39 Channel Videos: ~64

Ahkeem ðe Türk Youtube Channel

The Ahkeem ðe Türk channel started in May 2020. The channel has 63 videos and 39 subscribers. The channel focuses on the Adamaua Fulfulde dialect of Fula. The channel's videos feature Ahkeem ðe Türk teaching viewers how to speak the Adamaua Fulfulde dialect of Fula. In addition to the videos, the channel also features a number of Resources, such as a PDF of the Adamaua Fulfulde Alphabet and a PDF of the Adamaua Fulfulde Numbers 1-10.

Abu Shaw

Channel Views: ~8.7k Channel Subscribers: ~118 Channel Videos: ~29

Abu Shaw Youtube Channel

The Abu Shaw YouTube channel was started in March of 2014 and features 29 videos. The channel is focused on helping viewers learn Fulani, a language spoken in Africa. The videos on the channel cover topics such as greetings, introductions, family members, counting, and places. The channel has 112 subscribers.

Fulaniturto TV

Channel Views: ~2.6k Channel Subscribers: ~124 Channel Videos: ~23

Fulaniturto TV Youtube Channel

Fulaniturto TV is a channel dedicated to teaching its viewers the Fulfulde language. The channel was started in August 2020 and has amassed over 23 videos and 124 subscribers.
Viewers can expect to find videos on topics such as Why People Should Learn Fulfulde, How To Construct A Sentence In Fulfulde, and The Simplified Phonetics In Fulfulde. The channel also covers more specific topics like The Sentence Structure In Fulfulde, The Diphthongs In Fulfude, and The Easiest Way To Count Numbers In Fulfulde.


Channel Views: ~36.1m Channel Subscribers: ~91.9k Channel Videos: ~84.5k

WikiWikiup Youtube Channel

WikiWikiup is a YouTube channel started in June 2013. The channel has 84,532 videos and 91,900 subscribers. The channel focuses on the Pulaar language, Fula people, Hausa?Fulani, Laalaa language, Mandé peoples, Serer-Laalaa, Mandingo Wars, and Four Oirat.


Channel Views: ~322.5m Channel Subscribers: ~806k Channel Videos: ~59.8k

SDictionary Youtube Channel

The channel SDictionary was started in April 2015 and has 59,817 videos. It has 806,000 subscribers. The channel discusses the meanings of various words and phrases, including Fula, Ewondo, Mali, Bridegroom, Useless, Lap, Orchid, Congratulation, Poppy, Assam, Nacl, Epithelium, and Balloon. The channel provides dictionary definitions for these words and phrases, as well as example sentences and usage tips. The channel also offers pronunciation guides for some of the words and phrases.

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