12 Best Channels to Leran British English on Youtube + Videos

Are you looking to improve your English language skills, especially British English? in this article, we?ve gathered the best YouTube channels for learning British English to help you get ahead in your language skills. Keep reading to find out the best channels for improving English.
You will not regret visiting these channels!

Britlish - Learn British English

Channel Views: ~23.4m Channel Subscribers: ~187k Channel Videos: ~895

Britlish - Learn British English Youtube Channel

Britlish - Learn British English is a YouTube channel which features educational video tutorials for those looking to improve their English. It covers topics such as mastering the British accent, pronunciation of words, British grammatical rules, and useful British idioms and phrases to enrich your use of language. Additionally, the channel also focuses on providing a comprehensive guide to British English and its unique vocabulary. With these lessons, anyone can develop their English language skills and have fun learning British English.

British Accent Training - British Accent VO

Channel Views: ~4.4m Channel Subscribers: ~46.8k Channel Videos: ~462

British Accent Training - British Accent VO Youtube Channel

The British Accent Training - British Accent VO YouTube channel is a great resource for those wishing to learn British English and perfect their British accent. Through a variety of VoiceOver lessons, users can learn how to speak British English with proper pronunciation and intonation. With the help of the accenttraining videos, users can acquire the skills to speak with a British accent and take their communication to the next level.

ETJ English

Channel Views: ~28.5m Channel Subscribers: ~934k Channel Videos: ~154

ETJ English Youtube Channel

ETJ English is an online channel that provides lessons on British English. The lessons cover a range of topics, from speaking to grammar.
The channel has been running since April 2016, and has so far amassed 153 videos. It has over 915,000 subscribers.
The channel's popularity is likely due to its simple and easy-to-follow lessons. So if you're wanting to improve your British English, be sure to check out ETJ English on YouTube.

Learn English with Gill · engVid

Channel Views: ~80m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~115

Learn English with Gill · engVid Youtube Channel

Learn English with Gill · engVid is a YouTube channel that helps people learn British English from a native speaker. The channel covers topics such as phrasal verbs, idioms, and grammar.
The channel has over 113 videos and 1.76 million subscribers. The videos are always clear and concise, and Gill does a great job of explaining the concepts in a way that is easy to understand.
If you're looking to improve your British English, then I highly recommend checking out Learn English with Gill · engVid.

English with Lucy

Channel Views: ~317.6m Channel Subscribers: ~8.1m Channel Videos: ~262

English with Lucy Youtube Channel

The English with Lucy YouTube channel is all about helping viewers learn British English for free. Lucy covers topics such as pronunciation and grammar, and she also provides helpful tips for anyone looking to improve their language skills.
Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced learner, English with Lucy is a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their English. So check out their videos and see for yourself!

Level Up English

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~55.8k Channel Videos: ~166

Level Up English Youtube Channel

The Level Up English YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to learn British English. The channel features English lessons with native speaker Michael Lavers, as well as plenty of opportunities to practice listening to and understanding a British accent.
Since starting in December 2010, the channel has amassed 158 videos and 53,500 subscribers. The videos are well-produced and the lessons are thorough, making Level Up English a great channel for anyone interested in learning British English.

Love English with Leila & Sabrah

Channel Views: ~14m Channel Subscribers: ~274k Channel Videos: ~368

Love English with Leila & Sabrah Youtube Channel

Love English with Leila & Sabrah is a YouTube channel where two experienced English teachers help you learn British English, from a variety of topics such as English grammar, phrasal verbs, vocabulary and more. They have a passion for teaching and helping you improve your English language skills. Join them and fall in love with learning English with Leila & Sabrah!

BBC Learning English

Channel Views: ~213.2m Channel Subscribers: ~4.1m Channel Videos: ~2.9k

BBC Learning English Youtube Channel

BBC Learning English is an educational YouTube channel that offers free English lessons. With content ranging from learning British English and free English classes to BBC English and language lessons, the channel is a great resource to help learners improve their English-speaking skills. Their English videos are engaging and well-structured, making them great for anyone wanting to learn how to speak English.

5-Minute Language

Channel Views: ~3m Channel Subscribers: ~52.8k Channel Videos: ~209

5-Minute Language Youtube Channel

The 5-Minute Language YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to learn British English. The channel is hosted by Agnieszka Murdoch, who is a language expert and teacher. The channel features videos on a variety of topics related to learning British English, including grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.
So far, the channel has over 50,000 subscribers and over 200 videos. Most of the videos are around 5 minutes long, hence the name of the channel. The videos are well-produced and Agnieszka is an engaging and knowledgeable host.
If you're interested in learning British English, or simply want to improve your English skills, then be sure to check out the 5-Minute Language YouTube channel.

English Like A Native

Channel Views: ~45.2m Channel Subscribers: ~833k Channel Videos: ~600

English Like A Native Youtube Channel

English Like A Native is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people learn British English. The channel offers a variety of lessons and tips on how to speak the language like a native speaker.
The channel has amassed over 823,000 subscribers and 590 videos since it started in April 2016. The videos cover topics such as grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. The channel also offers advice on how to improve your English skills.
Whether you're an English learner or just interested in the language, English Like A Native is a great channel to check out.

Pronunciation with Emma

Channel Views: ~8.3m Channel Subscribers: ~250k Channel Videos: ~202

Pronunciation with Emma Youtube Channel

Pronunciation with Emma is a YouTube channel dedicated to learning British English. It provides helpful tutorials, tips and advice from pronunciation teacher Emma to help viewers improve their pronunciation and acquire a British accent. Learn English, understand British pronunciation and how to improve English pronunciation with this helpful channel.


Channel Views: ~25.3m Channel Subscribers: ~454k Channel Videos: ~207

LetThemTalkTV Youtube Channel

LetThemTalkTV is a YouTube channel with a British teacher focusing on learning British English. The channel offers English language lessons covering topics such as English pronunciation, grammar, advanced, intermediate and basic English. Each tutorial presents clear explanations and examples perfect for those learning and improving their English language skills.

Developing Your Vocabulary with British English

British English has its own unique way of expressing things. Developing your vocabulary with British English is a great way to become more culturally literate in the language. Furthermore, knowing certain popular British words and terms can help make your conversations sound more natural and authentic when conversing with native British English speakers.

To familiarize yourself with British English, start by exposing yourself to various forms of media written in the language. There are books, television shows, and movies where the dialogue is written in British English. Turn on the subtitles if needed to become accustomed to the accent and the differences in word choice. Listen carefully to how words are pronounced and the context in which the words are used. If a word or phrase stands out, look it up in the dictionary to gain a greater understanding of its meaning.

Take note of words that come up often and make them your own. Begin incorporating them into your own conversations to develop your British English vocabulary. Additionally, take advantage of the web and mobile app versions of English dictionaries to save words you encounter and look up while in the moment. This way, developing a strong British English vocabulary becomes much more organic and natural. As you become more comfortable using the terms, you can even teach others what you’ve learned!

In conclusion, developing your British English vocabulary is a great asset to have. Expose yourself to media in the language, pay attention to nuances, and make note of words and phrases to look up and use yourself. With dedication and practice, you’ll be able to converse with native British English speakers in no time!

Developing Your Listening Skills in British English

When learning British English, it is important to develop your listening skills to ensure that you are able to understand spoken language. Listening is essential to developing fluency in English and understanding conversations, as well as picking up on regional accents and vernacular. There are several ways you can work on your listening comprehension of British English, and these can be done both in and out of the classroom.

One of the best ways to practice listening is to watch native British speakers in movies, shows and news broadcasts. Focusing on their intonation, choice of words and using different materials and mediums like radio or podcasts, can be a great way to improve your understanding. Listening to and analyzing a wide range of native English speakers can help to provide you with a better insight into British English pronunciation and usage.

In addition to watching native speakers in films, shows and interviews, you should also listen to audio recordings of British English learning resources. There are plenty of good online courses available, and audio resources can be key to developing a better understanding of British English pronunciation and intonation. You can practice by repeating phrases as you listen and repeat them back as accurately as possible. This will also help you to learn new vocabulary and improve your spoken fluency.

Overall, developing your listening skills in British English is essential if you want to become fluent in the language. Listening to native speakers, in different genres and contexts can help you improve your British English, as well as help you identify different uses of language. All this is useful for those looking to reach an advanced level of understanding, and will help to get in the groove of speaking British English.

The Best Way to Descend into the British English Accent

Descending into the British English accent can be a difficult and daunting process, but with the right guidance, anyone can do it. The best way to learn and master this accent is to immerse yourself fully in the language and culture of the Great Britain. Start by watching television programs and films with British actors and actresses, as this will help you to get used to and familiarize yourself with the sounds of British English. When watching or listening, make notes of any obscure or strange phrases or words so that you can look them up later, as well as any pronunciation of words you don’t understand.

It is also wise to practice speaking in the British vernacular whenever you can. In a relaxed setting, chat with friends who are native British English speakers and ask them to help you with word usage and pronunciation. Reading books, newspapers, and magazines in British English can help you become more comfortable with the language and its accents. It is also beneficial to familiarize yourself with famous British figures who have their own distinct British English accent, as this can help you form your own identity and way of speaking.

Finally, do not forget to practice various vowel sounds and contexts, as this is key in mastering the British English accent. Change the pitch, rhythm, and tone of your speech to sound more like a native British English speaker. Practicing with a British English accent coach is also recommended, as they can help you better understand how to use and integrate various sounds into your conversations. With a combination of the tips mentioned above, you will be able to exist comfortably and confidently in the realm of the British English accent.

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