4 Best Korean Workout Channels on Youtube

If you're looking for a complete fitness overhaul, or just a few tips on how to stay fit, then you're in the right place! From abs and weight loss, to booty workouts and nutrition, the Korean workout has a plethora of options to take your fitness routine to the next level. Keep reading to discover the best Korean workout YouTube channels to get you in your best shape ever!

BIGSIS Workout

Channel Views: ~797.6k Channel Subscribers: ~17.2k Channel Videos: ~37

BIGSIS Workout Youtube Channel

BIGSIS Workout is a YouTube channel offering an effective collection of Korean workout videos for beginners to get started with at home. They focus on bodyweight workouts, standing workouts and full body exercises to help you with weight loss and improve your overall fitness. The videos are fun and easy to follow, perfect for those looking to stay fit and healthy from the comfort of their own home.

Shirlyn Kim

Channel Views: ~45.1m Channel Subscribers: ~482k Channel Videos: ~102

Shirlyn Kim Youtube Channel

Shirlyn Kim's YouTube channel is a great source for those looking to get a K-POP Idol body shape with an all-in-one Korean workout routine. On her channel, viewers can find exercises such as Pilates to help slim their body and also learn about at-home workouts to improve their fitness.


Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~38.3k Channel Videos: ~88

L214 Youtube Channel

L214 is a Korean YouTube channel offering fitness tips and workouts, tailored to help viewers achieve muscle gain goals. They provide detailed exercise tips and nutritional information to empower their users, as well as detailed bodybuilding and health advice to aid in their fitness journey.

Naomi He-Ji

Channel Views: ~32k Channel Subscribers: ~392 Channel Videos: ~35

Naomi He-Ji Youtube Channel

Naomi He-Ji's YouTube channel offers a unique mix of Korean workout tips, lifestyle advice, and travel vlogs. She gives viewers a fun glimpse into living and exploring South Korea, as well as creative and effective ways to stay healthy and fit.

The Benefits and Advantages of a Korean Workout

The physical and mental benefits associated with a Korean workout are undeniable. For those looking to improve their cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility, a Korean workout may be the perfect solution. There are numerous advantages to focusing on a Korean workout routine.

  • The combination of aerobic and resistance exercises in a Korean workout makes it an all-around beneficial form of exercise. Combining aerobic exercises like jogging, walking, or swimming with resistance exercises like weight lifting, lunges and squat jumps work together to improve overall health. This type of workout engages both your muscles and your cardiovascular system, making it an effective routine for losing fat and building muscle.
  • Studies have also found that a Korean workout can improve your mental well being. The exertion needed to complete a Korean workout provides the body with a release of endorphins which make you feel more relaxed and can improve your mood. This type of exercise can be especially beneficial for those that lead a more sedentary lifestyle as it can help to break up their inactivity throughout the day. Additionally, it can also provide a sense of achievement as you begin to see the results from your hard work.

Overall, a Korean workout can provide a myriad of physical and mental benefits for those that commit to it. For those looking for an effective way to improve their overall fitness, a Korean workout routine is definitely worth a try.

Learn Effective Techniques for a Korean Workout

It's no secret that exercise and physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But if you're looking to switch up your workout routine, why not try doing a Korean workout? This type of workout involves using traditional Korean exercises and techniques to get you into great shape and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Korean workouts usually involve a combination of cardio and strength exercises that help promote flexibility, coordination and agility. They also work to strengthen your muscles, reduce body fat and get your heart rate up. Common exercises in a Korean workout include taekwondo kicks, sunsoo forms and karate strikes. This type of workout also includes abdominal and chest workouts with the use of resistance bands, squats and leg lifts.
  • In addition to the physical benefits, Korean workouts are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mental focus, and raise your energy levels. In addition, performing the workouts with focus and discipline can help to boost your confidence and your mindset, which can ultimately result in improvements in all areas of life. 

So, why not give Korean workouts a try and incorporate them into your fitness routine? With some dedication, determination and commitment, you’ll be fit and feeling better in no time.

Making Eating Habits Work for a Korean Workout

Following a Korean workout can be a great way to feel invigorated and stay physically fit. An important part of that is maintaining a healthy diet and proper eating habits. Without proper nutrition, it will be challenging to get the most out of a workout. Here are some tips on making eating habits work for a Korean workout.

  • Diet is an essential part of the Korean workout. Eating nutritious food and avoiding unhealthy foods can be the difference between having a successful workout and feeling fatigued. Lean meats such as fish and chicken should be the main sources of protein in the diet. Carbohydrates from complex foods like multigrain bread and low-fat milk should be consumed. Whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables should be ingested to help boost energy levels.
  • Consuming food that is rich in nutrients is important for supporting a Korean workout. Hydration is also important for maintaining healthy energy levels for a Korean workout. Make sure to drink lots of fluids such as water and tea to ensure that the body stays hydrated. Eating tasty snacks before and after a workout can also help maintain a healthy diet while providing the energy necessary for an effective workout. Taking a multivitamin supplement can also help to ensure proper nutrition and an optimal workout experience. 

Following these tips can help make eating habits work for a Korean workout. With a proper diet, hydration, and snacks, it is possible to maximize the benefits of a Korean workout. Taking the proper steps to maintain a healthy diet can be a great way to get the most out of a workout.

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