5 Best IAS Preparation Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you prepare for the IAS, UPSC, IPS, and other Civil Services examinations? Staring your preparation can be a confusing endeavor; with so many channels out there and with different approaches, picking the right one can be difficult. Here, we have compiled a list of the top YouTube channels to help you prepare for and succeed in the IAS, UPSC, and other civil services exams. Read on to find the best ones and start your preparation with the right guidance.


Channel Views: ~46.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~203

AFE IAS Youtube Channel

AFE IAS YouTube channel offers comprehensive guidance for IAS preparation including in-depth lessons on UPSC syllabus, regular updates on UPSC exam, and tips to ace the IAS exam. Additionally, it provides study tips, free online resources like mock tests, solved papers and much more to help aspirants get acquainted with Indian Administrative Services and the Indian Administrative Services exam. The channel also covers current affairs and aptitude test questions to aid aspirants prepare for the UPSC exam.

Shashank Sajwan - IAS Mentor

Channel Views: ~3.1m Channel Subscribers: ~90.3k Channel Videos: ~54

Shashank Sajwan - IAS Mentor Youtube Channel

Shashank Sajwan - IAS Mentor is a YouTube channel providing useful resources for IAS aspirants aiming to ace the Civil Services Exam (CSE). The channel offers detailed lessons on IAS preparation techniques, newspaper analysis, and broken down explanations of The Hindu newspaper analysis for the UPSC exam. This comprehensive approach to the UPSC exam is sure to help any IAS aspirant reach their goals.

Unacademy UPSC Articulate

Channel Views: ~46.9m Channel Subscribers: ~495k Channel Videos: ~7.9k

Unacademy UPSC Articulate Youtube Channel

Unacademy UPSC Articulate is a YouTube channel that includes comprehensive and in-depth guides to IAS preparation, UPSC CSE preparation, and other related topics. It covers topics such as NCERT for UPSC, UPSC Exam Preparation, and Self Preparation for IAS. With the help of experienced professionals, Unacademy UPSC Articulate provides high-quality practices and tips for UPSC aspirants. It is a great resource to learn and master the techniques and strategies to ace the UPSC exam.

Shashank Sajwan

Channel Views: ~42.1m Channel Subscribers: ~448k Channel Videos: ~268

Shashank Sajwan Youtube Channel

Shashank Sajwan's YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to prepare for the UPSC CSE/IAS. The channel is hosted by IAS Mentor Shashank Sajwan, who offers comprehensive lessons, guidance, and support to those pursuing to crack the Civil Services Examination. Content on the channel covers the entire UPSC syllabus and preparation strategy tips to help those aiming to ace their IAS preparation.

Vajirao & Reddy Institute

Channel Views: ~23.9m Channel Subscribers: ~312k Channel Videos: ~285

Vajirao & Reddy Institute Youtube Channel

The Vajirao & Reddy Institute YouTube channel is a helpful resource for preparing for the Indian Administrative Services exam. It offers top-notch IAS coaching with experienced teachers, classes in Delhi, and guidance on civil services coaching. The channel is full of helpful tips and tricks to help you achieve success in your IAS preparation. It is considered one of the best IAS coaching centers, and the top PCS coaching in Delhi. With up-to-date videos, it is a one-stop shop for professional IAS coaching academy. The channel is the perfect companion to work your way up towards the competitive IAS coaching in Delhi.

Deciding the Right Resources for IAS Preparation

For individuals who wish to pursue their dreams of becoming an IAS officer, adequate information and resources become the main determinants of success. Therefore, it becomes necessary to choose the right sources to prepare for the prestigious civil services exams. To realise one’s dream of becoming a successful IAS officer, preparation becomes an inseparable part of the process and the right resources play a significant role in leading aspirants to success.

  • The most important step which an aspirant needs to take while deciding the right resources for IAS preparation is to recognize his/her strong and weak areas in the respective areas of the syllabus. This can help in analyzing the areas that need more attention and focus and help in understanding the topics wherein one needs more guidance. With this, an aspirant can be clear about which study material should be used for preparation. Be it ncert textbooks, reference books or question papers; the aspirant is free to choose the resources as per their need.
  • Apart from just studying the books, reading IAS magazines and current affairs related document will further help the aspirant in developing a strong and advantageous approach. Books, magazines as well as Q&A portals provide the best platform to acquire knowledge required to pass the IAS exams. Dependence on other sources such as coaching institutes and crash courses should, however, be kept to a minimum. These portals contain general knowledge and help aspirants get an in-depth understanding of the topics in order to score better marks in the IAS exams. In this way, decision making with respect to the right sources of preparation becomes a lot easier.

To sum up, deciding the right resources for IAS preparation is a critical step towards success. It is important to select the resources that match the aptitude and help in understanding the syllabus. Emphasis should also be laid on studying current affairs, magazines, and Q&A portals to build a strong aptitude. Thus, with appropriate and timely resources, the journey towards becoming a successful IAS officer seems less daunting.

Understanding Syllabus and Exam Pattern for IAS

The syllabus and exam pattern for UPSC IAS is a crucial part of the preparation that the aspirants need to understand in order to crack the examination. Having a thorough knowledge of the UPSC IAS syllabus and exam pattern helps the IAS aspirants to focus on what to study and thus become better placed for the exam. The UPSC IAS syllabus is broken down into two parts – the Preliminary Exam and the Main Exam. The Preliminary Exam comprises of two objective paper – Paper I General Studies and Paper II Aptitude Test. The Main Exam is further comprised of nine papers, spread over two days.

  • The General Studies Paper I for Preliminary Exam comprised of wide range of topics like History, Geography, Polity, Constitution, International Organizations, Laws and Regulations, Economy, Research Methodology, Current Events and General Knowledge. On the other hand, the Aptitude Test comprises of Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension and Decision-Making. The Main Exam has nine papers out of which seven are written papers and two are qualifying papers. The written papers include language paper, Essay Paper, General Studies Paper II, III, IV and VI and optional paper of the candidate’s choice. It is important to understand the syllabus and exam pattern in order to score well in the exam.
  • In order to crack the UPSC IAS exam, the aspirants must be well-prepped in terms of syllabus and exam pattern. The Preliminary Exam is of qualifying nature and the marks obtained in this will not be computed for the final total marks. It is important to go through the syllabus and exam pattern in detailed manner. Moreover, taking mock tests which follow UPSC IAS exam pattern is also essential for the preparation of IAS aspirants. This helps them to know their estimated score and also gives them insight into the writing skills required for the exam. 

All these factors are important in order to secure top rank in the UPSC IAS exam. Having an in-depth understanding of syllabus and exam pattern aids IAS aspirants in becoming more efficient while preparing for the UPSC IAS exam.

Importance of Mock Tests for IAS Students

Mock Tests are integral for any IAS student's preparation for their service exams. These tests offer a simulated real-time environment that lets a student get an idea of how the actual IAS examinations are. This allows the student to become familiar with the exact amount of pressure that they will face while taking the actual test. Additionally, they give the students an opportunity to hone and refine their exam-taking skills. Through mock tests, students can identify their areas of strength and weakness, enabling them to become more proficient in the subjects they lack in.

  • Mock tests also help save time as students do not have to go through the entire syllabus all over again. This gives them a chance to understand their current level of preparation and figure out what changes need to be made. Additionally, it allows the students to become more familiar with the types of questions that can be expected from the actual IAS examination. This way, they can prepare accordingly and become more confident in their ability to tackle the tough questions.
  • Lastly, mock tests can help develop the habit of regular practice and time management. Once the student has taken multiple mock tests, they will become better at solving the test papers in the allotted time. Additionally, this helps build the right mindset and habits among IAS aspirants which can have a positive effect on their overall performance. This can be highly beneficial when it comes to taking the real IAS exams as students will be used to the strict timelines and stresses of the exam day.

Overall, mock tests are a great way to bolster the strength of an IAS aspirant's preparation. The practice and familiarity that it provides can serve as an extra layer of assurance during their actual IAS exams. Therefore, it is highly recommended that IAS students take the time to take and review mock tests in their preparation process.

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