40 Best Hobby Youtube Channels

Are you looking for creative new YouTube channels to follow for your DIY and home decor hobby? Have you tired of the same old hall and shop with me videos? If so, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll give you the best YouTube channels to follow for the latest and greatest in DIY and home decor trends. So keep reading to find the top channels to follow for new ideas, how tos and Target hauls! Do you want a bit more inspiration for your projects? Then come take a look!


Channel Views: ~8.6b Channel Subscribers: ~4.6m Channel Videos: ~3.4k

HobbyFamilyTV Youtube Channel

HobbyFamilyTV is a YouTube channel featuring a family of five who partake in various hobbies and activities. They enjoy creating live action skits, challenges and vlogs, as well as playing video games. Together they explore the limitless possibilities in their pursuit of fun and entertainment. Whether creating a new craft or building a fort, the HobbyFamily is always up for an adventure.

Fresh Hobby

Channel Views: ~174.4k Channel Subscribers: ~654 Channel Videos: ~154

Fresh Hobby Youtube Channel

Fresh Hobby is a YouTube channel devoted to helping people discover new hobbies and explore existing ones. The channel features videos on a wide range of interests and skill levels, from crafting to cooking to learning a new instrument. Every video provides fresh tips and ideas to inspire viewers to take up a new hobby or hone in on existing ones. Whether you're a novice or a master in your hobby, Fresh Hobby will help you spice up your activity time!

Hobby Ideas India

Channel Views: ~59.3m Channel Subscribers: ~211k Channel Videos: ~809

Hobby Ideas India Youtube Channel

Hobby Ideas India is a popular YouTube channel that offers a variety of creative inspirations for hobbyists, from crafting to art and home projects. They provide an array of creative ideas and activities for anyone who enjoys a good hobby! Whether it's a simple DIY project, an art project, or a homemade craft, Hobby Ideas India has a hobby idea for everyone. Their entertaining videos make it easy to find new hobbies and craft ideas.

Hobby Lobby

Channel Views: ~92.4m Channel Subscribers: ~286k Channel Videos: ~376

Hobby Lobby Youtube Channel

Hobby Lobby's Youtube channel is a great source for do-it-yourself ideas! With videos ranging from needle art to jewelry making, paper crafting, and more, there is something for everyone - especially 4th of July and other crafting-related ideas. Whether you're looking for an introduction to crafting or need help with a project, their instructional and entertaining videos are sure to get you inspired!

Like Nastya

Channel Views: ~77.7b Channel Subscribers: ~95.3m Channel Videos: ~682

Like Nastya Youtube Channel

Like Nastya is a YouTube channel dedicated to kids. It offers a variety of content including pretend play, music videos, children songs, baby songs, and more. It is hosted by Nastya and her father, Papa. It is a great channel for kids to explore their hobbies and for parents to watch with their families. It is full of fun and entertaining videos that will bring joy and delight to any viewer.

one cute couponer

Channel Views: ~56.3m Channel Subscribers: ~540k Channel Videos: ~1k

one cute couponer Youtube Channel

The One Cute Couponer YouTube channel focuses on the hobby of couponing, helping subscribers build financial freedom, get out of debt and possibly even Dumpster Dive for goodies. Followers can also expect weekly Dollar Tree hauls, stimulus check updates, and money saving tips from Dave Ramsey on the channel.


Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~44k Channel Videos: ~152

Cozyaholic Youtube Channel

The Cozyaholic YouTube channel is all about inspiring and celebrating the joyful hobby of cozying up. From cozy decor inspiration to stories of lifestyle changes, the channel is dedicated to embracing comfort in every aspect of life. With an emphasis on relaxation and contentment, Cozyaholic is the perfect destination for anyone who loves the cozy lifestyle.

The Deal Guy

Channel Views: ~225.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.2m Channel Videos: ~1.4k

The Deal Guy Youtube Channel

The Deal Guy YouTube channel is an entertaining hobby channel, hosted by Matt Granite, which showcases the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Sam's Club, and many more. It features Deal of the Day highlights and reviews of the best deals found online. The Deal Guy is your go-to source for the best bargains!

Katie Vining

Channel Views: ~7.4m Channel Subscribers: ~57.9k Channel Videos: ~380

Katie Vining Youtube Channel

Katie Vining's YouTube channel offers fun and inspiring home decor ideas through her hobby of shop with me videos. Her videos feature weekly Target and HomeGoods hauls, DIYs, and her popular Target Tuesday series. With Katie Vining, you can always stay up to date on the newest trends in home decor!

A Charming Abode

Channel Views: ~11.6m Channel Subscribers: ~127k Channel Videos: ~235

A Charming Abode Youtube Channel

A Charming Abode is a YouTube channel for those looking for creative and budget friendly tips on how to decorate, declutter, and clean for a cozy home. From hobby tutorials, to shop-with-me hauls, and DIY home decor, the channel helps make creating a dream home easier and more enjoyable.


Channel Views: ~5m Channel Subscribers: ~21.9k Channel Videos: ~544

DamarisView Youtube Channel

DamarisView is a popular YouTube channel that primarily focuses on hobby shopping. Viewers can come with Damaris on virtual shopping trips, store walkthroughs and daily vlogs, as she discovers great seasonal and farmhouse decor for her home. With her enthusiastic and engaging style, she aims to share her passion for home decor and inspire viewers to get creative with their own home styling.

Auntie Coo Coo

Channel Views: ~17.9m Channel Subscribers: ~95.6k Channel Videos: ~933

Auntie Coo Coo Youtube Channel

Auntie Coo Coo is a popular YouTube channel that provides DIY home decor and craft tutorials using items from popular stores such as Dollar Tree, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and the Dollar Spot and Bullseyes Playground sections of Target. From household supplies found in the One Spot at Dollar Tree to stylish items you can create on a budget, there is something for everyone on Auntie Coo Coo!


Channel Views: ~2.9m Channel Subscribers: ~25.6k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Scrapcraftastic Youtube Channel

Scrapcraftastic is a YouTube channel focused on visual arts and crafts. Hosted by an avid crafter, viewers can virtually join her on her crafty journey to learn how to plan with weekly setups and make DIY crafts from scratch. She showcases her hauls of craft supplies and offers tutorials on how to make everything from Traveler's Notebooks to holiday decorations. Her channel is perfect for anyone with a crafty hobby looking for more ideas on how to express their creativity.

Nathaly Eckman

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~12k Channel Videos: ~346

Nathaly Eckman Youtube Channel

Nathaly Eckman's YouTube channel is all about making your life easier! She has videos focusing on cooking top-notch food recipes with her cook with me videos and thinking of what's for dinner with her meal ideas videos. She also covers how to keep your home tidy with her clean with me videos, provides ideas for grocery hauling, and shows viewers how to shop with her shop with me videos. If you're looking for some great ideas around food and cleaning, Nathaly Eckman's YouTube channel is the place to be!

Kailyn Cash

Channel Views: ~13.7m Channel Subscribers: ~115k Channel Videos: ~469

Kailyn Cash Youtube Channel

Kailyn Cash's YouTube channel is the perfect source for at-home lifestyle and home decorating inspiration. Her videos feature fun and easy hobby projects, ultimate clean with me sessions, efficient cleaning routines, farmhouse decor and styling ideas, seasonal decor, and more. Follow Kailyn to find inspiring home decor and farmhouse decorating ideas.

Cozy K

Channel Views: ~4.8m Channel Subscribers: ~92.3k Channel Videos: ~273

Cozy K Youtube Channel

Cozy K's YouTube channel is a great resource for the cozy gamer! She primarily creates content related to video games, especially popular sim games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. She also talks about cozy gaming, gaming achievements, and shares cozy aesthetics and hobbies. Her channel is a charming haven for gamers who want to relax and feel comforted.

Evy's Cavalry

Channel Views: ~333.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~18

Evy's Cavalry Youtube Channel

Evy's Cavalry is a popular YouTube channel showcasing the hobby of hobby horsing. Evy shares her tips and tricks relating to sewing and DIY, teaching viewers the skills of nähen and Steckenpferd. Her videos feature different styles of Stockpferd, from landscaping to haute couture. They make hobby horsing accessible and fun, inspiring others to start their own hobbyhorse journey.

Crystal Tara

Channel Views: ~22.2m Channel Subscribers: ~115k Channel Videos: ~720

Crystal Tara Youtube Channel

Crystal Tara is a stay at home mom in South Dakota, who is a mother of four kids ranging from infant to preteen. She has a YouTube channel that features her mom vlogs, highlighting her parenting journey, fun moments with her kids, and mommy vlogs from her family home. She also has videos about her hobby of farmhouse decor, and shares tips for other twin moms.


Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~38k Channel Videos: ~73

MS_Paints Youtube Channel

MS_Paints is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the creative works of a hobbyist with multiple sclerosis. Specializing in painting miniatures for tabletop games such as Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, and 40000, the channel also covers 3D printing and foam crafting in relation to these games. The channel is unique in its use of an airbrush to add an extra level of detail to the works.

Simply R Home

Channel Views: ~6.1m Channel Subscribers: ~58.7k Channel Videos: ~283

Simply R Home Youtube Channel

Simply R Home is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping viewers decorate their homes in a creative and budget-friendly manner. From hobby-oriented home tours to farmhouse-style decorating ideas and shop-with-me hauls, this channel offers viewers lots of interior decor inspiration and DIY home projects. The channel focuses on making decorating affordable and accessible for everyone.

Fil Nenna

Channel Views: ~237.3k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~38

Fil Nenna Youtube Channel

Fil Nenna is a lifestyle and hobby YouTube channel focusing on technology. The channel provides reviews and tips for gadgets, gaming, home automation and more. Fil Nenna's goal is to help viewers maximize their entertainment experience in a fun and easy way. The channel also features challenge videos and projects to help anyone start their own hobbies.

Lachri Fine Art

Channel Views: ~23.7m Channel Subscribers: ~326k Channel Videos: ~556

Lachri Fine Art Youtube Channel

Lachri Fine Art is a hobby-based YouTube channel that offers painting and drawing lessons. She covers topics such as beginning painting, painting tips, drawing tips and how to paint, as well as art business and art marketing. She is known for her skills in colored pencil, helping viewers learn to create beautiful and intricate art pieces.

Whiskey & Whit

Channel Views: ~12.1m Channel Subscribers: ~189k Channel Videos: ~348

Whiskey & Whit Youtube Channel

Whiskey & Whit is a YouTube channel featuring hobby DIY projects made from inexpensive craft store materials. Topics of discussion include dollar tree hauls, wood builds, cricut tutorials, and whiskey and whitney-style DIYs. Established fans of the channel also enjoy their quick video tutorials on making wood signs, as well as dollar tree-style projects. With a mixture of humor, wit and skill, Whiskey & Whit helps viewers learn how to make amazing projects on a budget.

Valerie Aguiar

Channel Views: ~9.1m Channel Subscribers: ~79.9k Channel Videos: ~168

Valerie Aguiar Youtube Channel

Valerie Aguiar's YouTube channel is great for anyone seeking lifestyle advice, with a special focus on home decor and interior design. She covers a wide range of topics from simple DIY projects to creative solutions for making improvements around the house. Her channel offers viewers an enjoyable hobby as well as helpful tips for creating the perfect home.

Luke's Goldies

Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Luke's Goldies Youtube Channel

Luke's Goldies is a YouTube channel focused on fishkeeping, specifically fancy goldfish, koi, and pond fish. He talks about the setup and maintenance of fish tanks, aquariums, and ponds, as well as relevant fish care topics like filters and water quality. The channel is perfect for any hobbyist looking to learn more about caring for their fish.

Jenna Rainey

Channel Views: ~7.5m Channel Subscribers: ~190k Channel Videos: ~257

Jenna Rainey Youtube Channel

Jenna Rainey's YouTube channel is an invaluable source of creativity and instruction. Her channel offers a variety of tutorials on numerous topics, from calligraphy, to watercolor painting and more. Jenna Rainey's watercolor tutorials are particularly popular, providing in-depth and easy to follow instructions for hobbyists, beginners, and experienced painters alike. From How to Paint to How to Watercolor for Beginners, Jenna Rainey's tutorials provide step-by-step guidance that will equip you with the tools to become a master of your craft.

Momma From Scratch

Channel Views: ~33.8m Channel Subscribers: ~358k Channel Videos: ~593

Momma From Scratch Youtube Channel

Momma From Scratch is a YouTube channel that focuses on crafting, decorating, and DIY projects. Led by a passionate momma from scratch, viewers can learn how to transform their homes with budget-friendly Dollar Tree diys and farmhouse-style decor. With videos full of easy how-tos, this channel is perfect for any hobbyist looking to make their home a showstopper.


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~3.8m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

ProZD Youtube Channel

ProZD is a popular YouTube channel devoted to his hobby, lifestyle, and interests. It features a range of vlogs, videos, and sketches from insightful and talented comedian. He discusses a variety of topics from pop culture to video games and produces sketches and music videos. His content is hilarious and often shares valuable life lessons for viewers. His channel is sure to make you laugh and think.


Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~14.4k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

mesarastarr Youtube Channel

Mesarastarr's YouTube channel is all about finding creative ways to use items from your favorite stores to create new and exciting items, while also saving money. She has videos that showcase her hauls from Hobby Lobby, Bath & Body Works, Dollar Store, and Thrift Stores, as well as tips and tricks to help others save money while shopping. With a family-oriented focus, the channel helps others value their money, while also having fun and being creative.

Christy Mel

Channel Views: ~10.5m Channel Subscribers: ~90.5k Channel Videos: ~369

Christy Mel Youtube Channel

Christy Mel is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people express their creativity through hobbies, beauty, fashion, and home decor. From fashion-forward looks to upcycled home decor, Christy Mel offers inspiring tutorials and tips on a variety of topics to help viewers make their projects look great. Whether it's learning how to crochet, do a smokey eye makeup look, redecorate on a budget, or find stylish outfit ideas, Christy Mel has it all.


Channel Views: ~35.1m Channel Subscribers: ~342k Channel Videos: ~243

Miniac Youtube Channel

Miniac is a YouTube channel devoted to the hobby of painting miniature figures. It offers tutorials, reviews and helpful tips to help viewers master the art of creating mini figures. Miniac showcases hundreds of miniature painting projects, providing guidance to help even the most novice painter create fantastic minis.

Phil's Pulls

Channel Views: ~11.7m Channel Subscribers: ~71k Channel Videos: ~323

Phil's Pulls Youtube Channel

Phil's Pulls is a YouTube channel focused on the hobby of collecting cards. It covers a range of topics such as unpackaging mystery boxes and discussing the resale market, allowing viewers to learn more about the hobby and engaging in the discussions surrounding it. This YouTube channel encourages viewers to get involved with the trading card lifestyle by providing helpful advice and updates from the industry.

Jenna Pierce

Channel Views: ~17.9m Channel Subscribers: ~183k Channel Videos: ~152

Jenna Pierce Youtube Channel

Jenna Pierce's YouTube channel is a fun and inspiring hub for people who love crafts and hobbies, with an emphasis on Lifestyle. She posts tutorials, reviews, hauls, and vlogs on a range of creative pursuits like sewing, knitting, upcycling, and DIY projects. Whatever your hobby, Jenna Pierce's channel is an ideal place to get inspired and start making something amazing.

Frugal Aesthetic

Channel Views: ~162.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~237

Frugal Aesthetic Youtube Channel

Frugal Aesthetic is a YouTube channel focused on a hobby of finding great deals on fashion, style, and streetwear for both men and women, such as clothing, sneakers, and shoes. It's all about achieving an aesthetic look without breaking the bank. Learn how to look fashionable and stylish without costing a fortune.

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Channel Views: ~3.7m Channel Subscribers: ~19.3k Channel Videos: ~925

Smithsonian American Art Museum Youtube Channel

The Smithsonian American Art Museum YouTube channel is an ideal place for art enthusiasts to explore their hobby. Featuring American art from galleries in Washington, DC, this channel hosts a wide variety of portraits, sculptures, and other pieces from the museum's vast collection. From the convenience of your own home, explore the gallery and appreciate true American works of art!


Channel Views: ~15.6m Channel Subscribers: ~191k Channel Videos: ~82

Ninjon Youtube Channel

Ninjon is a YouTube channel devoted to the hobby and lifestyle of ninjitsu. With instructional videos, tutorials, and entertaining vlog-style content, Ninjon helps viewers learn this unique martial art while also exploring the culture and community that surrounds it. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, or just escape into an exciting world, Ninjon is the perfect channel to check out.

Ashleigh King

Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~151k Channel Videos: ~24

Ashleigh King Youtube Channel

Ashleigh King's YouTube channel is all about her hobby of creating art and her artist life. She uploads art vlogs and art studio vlogs and invites viewers to paint with her in her painting vlogs. She shares her process of creating her art pieces and invites viewers to be a part of her creative journey.

My Take On Home & Garden

Channel Views: ~4m Channel Subscribers: ~21.2k Channel Videos: ~533

My Take On Home & Garden Youtube Channel

My Take On Home & Garden is a YouTube channel that centers around providing helpful tips, ideas and advice related to the hobbies of home and garden. The channel follows the journey of one person in pursuit of a successful home and garden project, and offers insightful techniques to help viewers with their own projects. Whether you're into gardening, DIY home projects or new ideas for home decor, this channel has a little something for everyone.

Tail Heavy Productions

Channel Views: ~3.1m Channel Subscribers: ~19.3k Channel Videos: ~94

Tail Heavy Productions Youtube Channel

Tail Heavy Productions is a popular YouTube channel run by an RC enthusiast. It focuses on radio control related topics and shows viewers how to fly Horizon Hobby planes, like the Turbo Timber Evolution 1.5m. The channel is a great source of information and entertainment, sharing tips and techniques, as well as hilarious RC crash videos. It's a hobby enthusiast's dream!

GP Sports Cards

Channel Views: ~550.6k Channel Subscribers: ~7.3k Channel Videos: ~183

GP Sports Cards Youtube Channel

GP Sports Cards is a professional YouTube channel dedicated to sports card collecting. The videos center around the hobby of Sports Card Collecting, with a focus on Ice Hockey. By watching these videos, viewers can gain knowledge and insights on this fun hobby, as well as acquire tips on how to build their collections. GP Sports Cards also covers current events in the world of Sport and Lifestyle. So if you're looking to build your collection or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends from the sports and lifestyle world, then look no further than GP Sports Cards.

How to Find Your Own Unique Hobby

Finding your own unique hobby can provide an outlet for creative expression, an opportunity to learn something new, or just simple pleasure from an enjoyable activity. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, or if you have any experience in the hobby you choose, you can certainly explore and find your own unique hobby.

  • One of the easiest approaches to begin exploring interests for potential hobbies is to reflect on any passions or interests you’ve had in the past and consider ways to take them further. Take your hobby ideas, and start researching through magazines, websites and blogs. You might find that hobbies you’ve never heard of spark your interest and lead you towards a newfound hobby. Additionally, visiting local stores, shops, and events related to the hobby ideas you’re exploring may provide inspiration and help you gain a better perspective of the hobby.
  • Finally, give yourself time and permission to explore the hobby in your own way. Don’t expect your hobby to have immediate gratification, but rather embark on this exploration as an enjoyable journey. Give yourself time to try different components of the hobby and find the parts that you enjoy. Also, touching base with your friends and speaking to different hobbyist may help provide new insight on ideas or information to help you with your own unique hobby. 

With a bit of discovery, you’ll soon find the perfect hobby that fits your interests. 

Exploring the Different Types of Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to relax, explore new interests, and become more well-rounded as a person. In today’s modern world there are a plethora of different hobbies to explore. From outdoor sports to artistic activities there is something for everyone to choose from.

  • Outdoor activities are a great way to stay in shape and take in the beauty of nature. Many popular outdoor hobbies include running, biking, skiing, rock climbing, and hiking. Other popular outdoor sports include surfing, waterskiing, skateboarding, and golf. Each of these activities have their own unique way of providing physical and mental health benefits.
  • For the more artistically minded, there are several different types of creative hobbies to indulge in. Painting, drawing and sculpting are popular artistic hobbies, while photography also provides creative outlet. Music is also a great artistic hobby with many different instruments to choose from. Other artistic pursuits include jewelry making, quilting, crocheting and woodworking. Each of these hobbies allow you to express yourself and create something tangible.

No matter what type of hobby you decide to explore, the important thing is to enjoy the experience. Find something you’re passionate about and let your creative side shine. With so many different types of hobbies to explore you are sure to find something that suits your desires. From physical activities to creative pursuits, there is something that everyone can enjoy.

Why Hobbies Should Be Shared and Taught

Having hobbies is a great way to stay occupied, but what if you could share and teach your hobby with others? Not only would you be able to get even more enjoyment out of doing something you love, but you would have the chance to introduce others to new activities and experiences. Here are a few reasons why hobbies should be shared and taught.

  1. Firstly, having the opportunity to share and learn new hobbies allows us to connect with people from different backgrounds and social circles. By teaching someone else a hobby, you’re sharing your knowledge and interests while also helping them to grow and learn something new. This can be a great way to bridge the gap between cultures, age groups and even genders by creating links of understanding and understanding the different ways we all enjoy hobbies.
  2. Secondly, by teaching and sharing hobbies we get to broaden the knowledge and experiences that people have with certain activities. This can range from knitting, cooking, or playing an instrument - all of which lead to developing new skills that can be applied throughout our lives. Sharing hobbies also helps us to stay inspired by surrounding ourselves with diverse perspectives and allowing us to gain a greater appreciation for the activities we’re passionate about.
  3. Finally, there are many benefits to come from sharing and teaching hobbies due to the joy that it can bring to others. Not only does it give the learner immense satisfaction from mastering a new skill, but it can also bring about a sense of comfort and belonging that can’t be found elsewhere. Teaching hobbies can be a great way to build strong relationships that last a lifetime.

We all have hobbies that we enjoy, but why not take the opportunity to share and teach them with others as well? By doing so, we open up the world around us to a new level of understanding and cultural exchange, while also having the chance to learn a few things along the way. Hobbies can be a great way to bring people together, so let's take the opportunity to share and teach each other's passions.

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