6 Best Castle Clash Youtube Channels + Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for some of the best YouTube channels for Castle Clash? Look no further! With codez reviews, steam lets plays, videos of all the bosses and much more, this is the perfect list of channels to find everything you need to know to become the ultimate World Ruler. Read on to find out more and select the perfect channel for you!

Castle Clash Gameplay

Channel Views: ~386.2k Channel Subscribers: ~7.6k Channel Videos: ~547

Castle Clash Gameplay Youtube Channel

Castle Clash Gameplay is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing content related to the popular action-role-playing and strategy video game, Castle Clash. It features live gameplays, user reviews, strategies and advice, and content related to the video game culture surrounding the game. It is a great resource to those looking to improve their Castle Clash gaming experience.


Channel Views: ~9.6m Channel Subscribers: ~34k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

Angrysagamer Youtube Channel

Angrysagamer is a South African YouTube channel focusing on the mobile strategy game Castle Clash. He offers up to date guides on various topics such as new hero, new talent and equipment, and new update. He also highlights best hero for a certain stages, and engages other South African channels in discussion and interviews. His channel is perfect for anyone who wants to get up to speed with the latest changes and updates in Castle Clash.

Gaming Art

Channel Views: ~12.1m Channel Subscribers: ~31.2k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Gaming Art Youtube Channel

The Gaming Art YouTube channel is dedicated to the popular game Castle Clash. It features videos and gameplay advice related to the game, along with exciting challenges such as Serratica Castle Clash, Dynaica Cast, Sword Sage Castle Clash, Free Reward Castle Clash, Flip Match and Win Castle Clash, and Secret Code Castle Clash. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this channel is the perfect place to learn and stay up to date with the newest strategies.


Channel Views: ~13.4k Channel Subscribers: ~454 Channel Videos: ~69

Kentropee Youtube Channel

Kentropee YouTube channel covers video game culture, with a focus on strategy and action games like Castle Clash, as well as role-playing video games. Through gameplays, tutorials and reviews, viewers get an insight into the latest and upcoming titles.


Channel Views: ~23k Channel Subscribers: ~191 Channel Videos: ~152

KraKen Youtube Channel

KraKen is a YouTube channel devoted to the popular castle clash, video game culture, role-playing video game, action game, and strategy video game. The channel features gameplay guides and reviews from top gamers, as well as challenges, tournaments and exclusive offers. Fans of the series can watch exclusive livestreams and chats, making for a true interactive gaming experience.


Channel Views: ~109.6k Channel Subscribers: ~370 Channel Videos: ~253

GameActionZone Youtube Channel

GameActionZone on YouTube is a great channel for fans of the Castle Clash game. They specialize in content related to Castle Clash strategy, hero build, updates, free rewards, event code and more. Their channel also showcases gameplay and news on new games.

A Brief Overview of the Castle Clash Universe

The castle clash world has rapidly become one of the richest and most expansive fantasy universes. It blends together intense strategic card battle technology with the freedom to nurture and customize your own heroes, teams and kingdoms. This captivating and visually arresting universe has left followers enamored ever since its debut in 2013.

This universe not only includes your average fantasy tropes such as kings, dragons and knights, but also introduces a unique set of mechanics, characters and stories that have fantastic staying power. It also offers a wide range of different gaming modes, ranging from single player story driven campaigns, to PvP and co-op battles. All of this is supported by a powerful and interesting card battle system, with magical runes and a variety of powerful spells that can be used strategically.

The beauty of the Castle Clash universe is in its customization. Players can build and customize their own clans, fortifying strongholds and international alliances while they navigate the dangerous world of alliances and battles. The depth of storyline and character customization is unparalleled and can be played out in any way desired. All of these elements turn Castle Clash into an impressive fantasy retreat and keeps players coming back time and time again.

Tactics for Dominating Castle Clash

If you’re a dedicated Castle Clash player, you know that dominating the game takes a lot of strategy and practice. It can take a while to master the tactics needed to become an effective lord! However, we’ve put together some useful tips that will help you dominate the game and improve your castle-building and unit-commanding skills.

  • The first tactic lies in building an effective defenses on all four sides of your castle. Having solid walls, towers and traps will give you an edge against other lords, as they will have to break through these barriers before they can destroy your castle. It’s also important to have a variety of offensive troops, and you should prioritize powerful troops like the Witch Hunter and Alpaca Rider over others.
  • The easiest path to becoming lord of the castle is through sound resource management. Maximize your gold and mana resources by knowing when to use them so you can afford stronger troops and powerful upgrades.
  • Finally, utilize the Guild System to find like-minded players and team up for even bigger victories. If you’re part of a strong guild, you can mobilize your entire kingdom and take on much larger lords with ease.

With these tactics in your back pocket, you’re one step closer to ruling the world of Castle Clash.

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