17 Best Australian Adventure Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best adventure YouTube channels from Australia? If you're someone who loves exploring the great outdoors, then you've come to the right place! Here, we'll share with you some of the best Australian adventure YouTube channels that will take you on an unforgettable journey through Australia. We'll show you the best camping spots, review awesome KTM motorcycles, and even explore the stunning nature of Western Australia. Keep reading to find out more!


Channel Views: ~9m Channel Subscribers: ~44.9k Channel Videos: ~160

KTMAustralia Youtube Channel

KTMAustralia is an Australian YouTube channel that focuses on KTM racing, motocross, supercross, and off-road adventures. They feature the latest KTM SX-F and EXC-F models in different types of events and circuits. It's the perfect channel for KTM enthusiasts and those looking to learn more about the KTM brand and its motorcycles. Be sure to check out their videos to stay up-to-date on KTM racing and off-road riding!

MotoRides Australia

Channel Views: ~337.4k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~88

MotoRides Australia Youtube Channel

MotoRides Australia is an inspiring YouTube channel that shares the stories of adventurous motorcycle trips and rounds around Australia. It provides viewers with ideas of the best places to ride motorcycles in Australia, including some of the top spots to ride in New South Wales, as well as tips and tricks on planning motorcycle adventures and trips. With its beautiful visuals and captivating stories, it is the perfect place to find great places to ride and stories to inspire your own motorcycle adventures in Australia.

Australian Adventure

Channel Views: ~51.5k Channel Subscribers: ~567 Channel Videos: ~12

Australian Adventure Youtube Channel

The Australian Adventure YouTube channel is a travel vlog showcasing the adventurous lifestyle of owners of a Vans RV7 aircraft and a Brompton folding bike. Follow along as they explore and share the essence of travel and wild, beautiful Australia. The channel offers various interesting vlogs and travel blogs about the sights, sounds, and culture of the Australian landscape. Join them for a journey full of unforgettable memories and experiences as they fly around and explore Australia!

Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV

Channel Views: ~41.7m Channel Subscribers: ~161k Channel Videos: ~661

Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV Youtube Channel

The Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV YouTube channel features exciting Australian adventure motorcycle documentaries and tests from motorcycle rider and endurance racer Chris Birch, as he rides and tests Yamaha Tenere T700 and Husqvarna 701 LR bikes. Follow along as he experiences thrilling dirt bike fun and challenges.

All 4 Adventure

Channel Views: ~76.7m Channel Subscribers: ~309k Channel Videos: ~947

All 4 Adventure Youtube Channel

All 4 Adventure is an Australian television series, YouTube channel, and online presence that showcases four-wheel driving, camping, boating, and fishing, combined with thrilling action and adventure. Hosted by brothers Jase and Simon Andrews, their 4x4 and 4wd vehicle-based expeditions feature tours of some of the most remote and breathtaking locations Australia has to offer. Join in on their exciting escapades now!

Max & Lee

Channel Views: ~54.3m Channel Subscribers: ~505k Channel Videos: ~105

Max & Lee Youtube Channel

Max & Lee's YouTube channel is the perfect destination for anyone interested in an Aussie adventure. Follow along as they build and convert an off-grid van into their own home on wheels, showcasing their DIY van conversion and tour as they go. It's an incredible journey through tiny living and a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in designing their own tiny home.


Channel Views: ~575k Channel Subscribers: ~3.9k Channel Videos: ~34

ADV LIFE AUS Youtube Channel

ADV LIFE AUS is a YouTube channel featuring adventurous activities from a uniquely Australian perspective. Its content includes backyard and remote locations, lifestyle tips and tricks, vehicle modifications and repairs, and a variety of Motorsports. Viewers can get a taste of life in the outback and learn valuable skills.

Seriously Series

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~10.3k Channel Videos: ~245

Seriously Series Youtube Channel

The Seriously Series YouTube channel provides an exciting look into adventure, automotive, and survival skills. Featuring Land Rover Defenders, it takes viewers on a wild ride of Australian treks and mechanical problems. From car reviews to 4x4 techniques to camping skills, the channel is a great resource for those looking to explore the outdoors while solving mechanical perplexities.


Channel Views: ~31.1m Channel Subscribers: ~277k Channel Videos: ~187

onherbike Youtube Channel

Onherbike is an Australian adventure moto vlog created by Kinga Tanajewska, in which she documents her round the world motorcycle travel. Her mission is to Make Life A Ride, as she explores the world on her motorcycle. From picturesque highways to treacherous off-road trails, Onherbike is a must-watch channel for adventure motorcycle enthusiasts. With her channel, she shares her knowledge and experience of ADV motorcycle riding to help inspire others to Make Life A Ride.

Sailing Zatara

Channel Views: ~75.4m Channel Subscribers: ~424k Channel Videos: ~295

Sailing Zatara Youtube Channel

Sailing Zatara is an Australian adventure and family-friendly Youtube channel that follows a family out on an alternative lifestyle journey, sailing together in their blue water cruiser and living off the grid. Through this family travel and homeschooling experience, the channel showcases the journey of an off grid lifestyle, from the highs and lows of sailing and offshore cruising. A fantastic way to explore an alternative lifestyle!

Mongrel Dog Productions

Channel Views: ~3.3m Channel Subscribers: ~17.5k Channel Videos: ~126

Mongrel Dog Productions Youtube Channel

Mongrel Dog Productions is an Australian based YouTube channel that showcases adventure ride videos through the vast Outback of Western Australia. From their BMW GS 1200 to the DR650, they explore the land with their beloved 'Mongrel Dog'. From desolate fishing trips to extreme dune bashing, 'Mongrel Dog Productions showcases some exciting adventure rides while exploring the depths of the Australian Outback.

The Tailor

Channel Views: ~355k Channel Subscribers: ~565 Channel Videos: ~145

The Tailor Youtube Channel

The Tailor YouTube channel offers unparalleled access to the best of Australia's natural beauty and luxury hotspots. From the majestic Great Barrier Reef to the vibrant cities of Sydney and Melbourne, viewers can explore the incredible sights of Australia. From scenic hikes in the Outback to relaxing days spent on the beach, viewers can experience the perfect holiday in luxury from the comfort of their home. Uluru and other amazing landmarks can be experienced via The Tailor's stunning YouTube videos.

Paul and Carole Love to Travel

Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~17.3k Channel Videos: ~578

Paul and Carole Love to Travel Youtube Channel

Paul and Carole Love to Travel is a YouTube channel featuring Australian adventure enthusiasts who travel the world and document their experiences on their vlogs. They share reviews and advice on cruising, hotels, and other travel-related topics. Their channel is a great resource for travelers wanting to learn more about cruise ships, cruising, and reviews on various destinations. Follow them for a unique look at their unique Australian adventure!

Jeremy Payne

Channel Views: ~113k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~136

Jeremy Payne Youtube Channel

Jeremy Payne's YouTube channel is a great resource for the adventurous photographer. He offers tutorials, reviews and insights into camera settings, as well as vlogs and tutorials on learning landscape photography. His main focus is on Australian adventure and landscape photography, so he has tons of tips and techniques to share on capturing stunning outdoor scenes. Jeremy also goes on photography adventures and documents them in his vlogs, so viewers can join him on the journey and learn along with him.


Channel Views: ~664.5k Channel Subscribers: ~6k Channel Videos: ~164

SKIDS n STUFF Youtube Channel

SKIDS n STUFF is an adventure YouTube channel providing viewers with high-octane thrills as they explore some of the most stunning terrains Australia has to offer. Follow hosts John and Sue on their journey together as they go off-roading and explore single-track trails, hard enduro terrain, and exciting places in Western Australia on their Suzuki DR650 and Yamaha Tenere dirt bikes. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure motorcycle ride!

Brent Pearson

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~15.6k Channel Videos: ~69

Brent Pearson Youtube Channel

Brent Pearson's YouTube channel is an Australian-based adventure covering exciting motorcycle journeys using Adventure Bikes. The videos are professional productions focusing on Adv Bikes, giving viewers a deep look into their capabilities.

Joe Ryan

Channel Views: ~48.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~24

Joe Ryan Youtube Channel

Joe Ryan's YouTube channel offers viewers a unique virtual experience of an Australian adventure, with his own motorcycle adventures across different terrain in a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Explore his epic journey through the Himalayan Mountains, go camping solo on his motorbike, and join in his everyday adventures as he travels Australia by himself on two wheels.

5 Must-Do Experiences on an Australian Adventure

When you think of Australia, you think of koalas, kangaroos,and the great Outback. Australia is full of unforgettable experiences that only come around once-in-a-lifetime. Here are five must-do experiences on an Australian adventure that you won't want to miss:

  1. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a must-see for any traveler in Australia. The reef is home to an incredible range of marine life, giving you a chance to snorkel and scuba dive amongst vibrant coral gardens and colorful fish.
  2. Spend time exploring Sydney Harbour. This iconic harbour, with its famous bridge and opera house, is one of Australia's top attractions. Take a harbour cruise to soak in all of the sites, or try and spot Humpback Whales, if you visit during the right season.
  3. Take a bushwalk to see the unique wildlife up close. From kangaroos to wallabies, koalas and Tasmanian devils, there's plenty of unique wildlife to be seen in Australia. Join a guided bushwalk, or take a self-guided tour, and take in all that Australia's nature has to offer.
  4. Visit Uluru, in the Northern Territory. This monolithic sandstone rock is one of Australia’s most spectacular landmarks and is a popular spot for watching some of the most amazing sunsets.
  5. Dine on some of Australia’s finest local foods and drinks. Australia's regional food culture continues to evolve and is at the forefront of a culinary revolution. Treat yourself to rock lobster in Western Australia, a classic snag in the Northern Territory, or enjoy a glass of local wine in Margaret River. There's plenty of local produce to explore.

In conclusion, there's no shortage of exciting things to do on an Australian vacation. These five must-do experiences will ensure that your trip is packed with adventure and unique moments.

A Guide to Must See Landmarks in Australia

Australia is often counted among one of the most incredible places to visit in the world, given its awe-inspiring landscape and a diverse array of attractions. For the nature lovers out there, there is no better place to be than Australia. Here, we have shortlisted a few must-see landmarks for you.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system, stretching for 2,300 kilometres along Australia's northeast coast. From scuba diving and snorkelling to glass-bottom boat tours, visitors can explore this immense collection of colourful marine life while taking in some breathtaking sights.
  2. When visiting the mainland, make sure to see the Sydney Opera House, an architectural masterpiece that has become an icon of the city. Its spiralling white-rimmed sails provides some of the most mesmerising views of Sydney Harbour.
  3. Lastly, appreciate the beauty of Uluru, the world’s most famous red rock. Though it is just 348 metres in height, Uluru is filled with incredible stories, culture and history. On a day trip, visitors can explore its vast desert landscape, as well as learn about the Aboriginal legends that have been passed down through generations.

These iconic landmarks will ensure a memorable experience in Australia. Nature lovers, artists and historians will be delighted to discover the breathtaking beauty of these places and gain an insight into the essence of Australia.

Plan the Perfect Australian Adventure

A trip to Australia can be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the golden outback and crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef, to rugged mountain ranges and stunning beaches, the country offers infinite possibilities for an unforgettable holiday. Whether you're looking for a relaxing escape, a thrilling adventure, or the trip of a lifetime, the following tips will help you to plan the perfect Australian adventure.

  • When planning your dream holiday to Australia, start by researching the many amazing destinations across the country. From the vibrant cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to the stunning beaches of the Gold Coast, Queensland and the Northern Territory, there's a unique experience waiting no matter which part of the country you visit. Be sure to spend some time reading up on the different attractions and activities available in each region, so you can decide which ones will work best for your group or family.
  • Finally, consider planning your itinerary in advance to make the most of your time in Australia. This will help to ensure you have time to enjoy the country's amazing attractions, as well as giving you the opportunity to learn a bit more about Australia's fascinating culture and history. Make sure to check out some of the amazing tours and experiences available in different regions and plan your own independent journey to really immerse yourself in the country's culture. 

With careful planning and a bit of research, you're sure to create the perfect Australian adventure.

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